Tuesday, 1 April 1997

Frank Skinner, April 1, 1997

Melbourne Comedy Festival
Melbourne Town Hall until April 20, 1997
Reviewed by Kate Herbert April 1 1997

Frank Skinner's a funny and charming English comic but it seems he does too many gigs which have forced him to cater for the lowest common denominator.

He opened with some great, obviously fresh material about the Collingwood versus Adelaide game at the MCG. He had been busy adjusting his material for Melbourne and it had paid off. It was hilarious and he has a warm, engaging and unthreatening manner with an audience. We were eating out of his hand.

Then something happened and Ooh! Naughty old Frankie, does a few bottom jokes and, more specifically, a few too many male genitalia jokes. Unfortunately, although some were funny, they got a bit wearing and bloke oriented. My face was hurting from laughing for the first half but later that night... However he remains warm and nice and there were still some big laughs. 

Skinner is best when he's improvising with the crowd, jamming on an idea. He's sort of a jazz comic. Let go the dick jokes Frank and I'd come back with me grannie -even if you do old people jokes.


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