Wednesday, 22 January 2003

My Life as a Dyke Too/Open For Inspection, Jan 22, 2003

Open For Inspection  by Christopher Molyneux  
My Life as a Dyke Too: The Shequel  by Nik Willmott  and Rachel Forgasz
 La Mama,  Jan 21 to Feb 9, 2003
Reviewer: Kate Herbert

The Midsumma Gay and Lesbian Festival tosses out way al levels of performance. These shows are examples of the good and the unsuccessful.

Open For Inspection  by Christopher Molyneux  is described ironically in the program as "a tragical musical fable for theatre". What it is, in fact, is fact is a confused concoction that never makes it as comedy.

The story is incoherent and the style lacks cohesive. The writing is a mish-mash of pop references, bad jokes and poor dialogue.  Direction by the writer Molyneux splits the stage by placing simultaneous scenes on two sides of the space so we feel we are often watching a tennis match.

The actors do their level best to commit to this play but it all looks wrong. It is intended to be sexy but looks uncomfortable. The songs and music are poorly arranged.

Deirdre ( Kellie Fernando) and Darren  (Nathan McFie) inspect a flat to rent. The apartment is riddled with weird people and events. There are two Greek Gods, a woman in a lamp, another in the oven and a couple in the fridge. Although this is all revealed to be a drug-induced vision, it does not work as narrative.

At the other end of the scale of success is My Life as a Dyke Too: The Shequel. This is a witty, simple funny sketch show. Writer, Nik Willmott, developed the series of vignettes with Rachel Forgasz.

They create a show about lesbians that that does not alienate a heterosexual audience. Two outrageously silly Toorak Road women reveal their ill-informed and idiotic bias about lesbians.

A sober young lesbian drives to a conference with a twittering work colleague in a recurring scene.  A seductive university professor lectures us on Lesbianism 201.

One particularly funny sketch involves two lesbian flat mates discuss the prohibitive cost of starting a relationship. Think of the gifts, flowers, dinners. Another parodies two elderly women who insist, "We are not lesbians," even though they kiss and sleep together.

The final parody of the video clip of Madonna's song, Vogue, is very entertaining. See it to get the picture.

By Kate Herbert

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