Thursday, 22 January 2004

My Life as a Dyke 3 - More Tales From The Dyke Side, Jan 22, 2004

 My Life  as a Dyke 3 - More Tales From The Dyke Side   
by Nik Willmott  and Rachel Forgasz  
La Mama, Jan 22  until Feb 8, 2004
Reviewer: Kate Herbert on Jan 22, 2004

Published in Herald Sun on Jan 26, 2004

Nik Willmott and Rachel Forgasz describe their sketch comedy very accurately as "simultaneously self-deprecating, affirming and downright silly." They are also very funny.

My Life as a Dyke 3 - More Tales from the Dyke Side,  is the third in their series of comedy shows for the Midsumma Festival.

Although it claims to be about lesbians, the jokes are universal.

It opens with Wilmott singing a silly song and follows up with the very memorable Professor  (Forgasz) presenting part three of her lecture series - Lesbianism 301.  

The Prof,  supported silently by her lab-coated assistant, Elizabeth, (Willmott) pontificates and prowls like a panther in a cage.

This year's lecture pertains to Breaking Up  in lesbian relationships. Forgasz plays the seductive and patronising Ph D who serves up hilarious advice and abuse with alacrity.

The next sketch is also a follow up of two popular characters from the previous shows and is riddled with great gags not only relevant to lesbians.

Susie  (Willmott) comes home after another disastrous first date with a woman who presented her relationship CV.

Her flat mate (Forgasz) attempts to write Susie's own CV until she realises that hobbies such as playing air guitar  and a patchy relationship history will never recommend Susie.

Scattered amongst the longer character sketches are numerous tiny one liners from Willmott that are very silly.

Forgasz, wrapped in a feather boa, sings an outrageously lascivious and naughty song that has to be seen to be believed.

A husband (Willmott) and wife (Forgasz) deciding whether their daughter is a lesbian is a clever scene that argues the positives of having a lesbian daughter.

The finale is their "Dyke Anthem" - a wonderfully cheeky adaptation of All That Jazz  from Chicago.  with Bob Fossey  style choreography. The clever lyrics name celebrities that they think should be lesbians.

Forgasz and Willmott are charming, relaxed and really funny. Their sketches are unusual and intelligently written and their characters are vivid and accurately drawn.

The pair has a wicked sense of humour and will try anything.

This is a show that gives you laugh out loud comedy about characters who just happen to be lesbians.

By Kate Herbert

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