Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Check Out! Aug 26, 2008 ***

Check Out! 
By Polyglot Theatre, touring Victoria schools
Reviewer: Kate Herbert

The five to 9 year olds who watched Check Out! were entertained and engaged by this cute little show with two actors and more puppets. When Baby, a chubby hand and rod puppet, visits the supermarket with her Daddy, she kicks up a fuss because she wants the chocolate bunny. 

She gets separated from Dad when she goes in pursuit of the elusive bunny. She meets Speedy, a scruffy sugar crazed kid who lives amongst the snack shelves, encounters the lively shelf products and finally finds her frantic dad.

The set comprising black and white photographic panels, provide a simple background that evokes the supermarket. Woven mongst Baby’s story is that of two young shelf stackers who are paid a pittance and who must offload unsellable quantities of soap.

Their is slapstick tickles the children’s funny bone making them squeal with laughter as the actors fall over or and puppets fly through the air. Check Out is a portable and engaging play for primary schools.

By Kate Herbert

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