Thursday, 21 August 2008

Rod Quantock, First Man Standing, Aug 21, 2008 ****

Rod Quantock First Man Standing
Trades Hall, Carlton, until Sept 6, 2008

Reviewer: Kate Herbert


When I see Rod Quantock I laugh a lot and I think a lot – about our lot. This fortieth anniversary of his first comedy appearance is no disappointment.  He is a lone social-political commentator in the live comedy scene and neither side of the political game escapes his scathing opinions. 

He dumps on Howard and Garrett, Brumby and Kennett with equal vehemence and remembers Kennett cheerfully for the comic material he provided.

He started comedy in 1968 in the Melbourne Uni Architecture Revue and three audience members assist him in recreating that first goofy sight gag. In this show he uses technology, not just a whiteboard and marker. We are treated to data projection websites, flow charts and even our own houses appear on Google Earth.  His montage of the major events of 1968 is accompanied by a rapid fire and hilarious commentary on asassinations, wars, bombs and mini-skirts.

Rod’s reminiscences about his infamous Bus tours when he invaded weddings, homes and even a police graduation are funny enough to make an entire show and his endless permutations of the singing fish joke are a riot.

What is fascinating is how he can make us laugh at things that are deadly serious – climate change, oil depletion, weapons, war and lack of water. Yes, I am still a card-carrying Quantock fan.

By Kate Herbert

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