Thursday, 18 September 2008

Jacky Jacky in the Box, Sept 18, 2008

Jacky Jacky in the Box 
By Ilbijerri Theatre
Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne, 6.30 to 8.30pm, Sep 18,  25, Oct 2, 2008
Reviewer: Kate Herbert on Sept 18, 2008

This theatrical installation is simultaneously disturbing and fascinating. In the public space of Fed Square, three glass, museum display cases house three human specimens: one man and two women. They are young, funky cosmopolitan looking individuals – and they are aboriginal.

They perch on stools inside their boxes, oblivious to our gaze. One woman reads a street magazine, another talks on her mobile while the man sits surrounded by dictionaries and a newspaper article by Andrew Bolt.

A metal plate attached to the cabinet reads “Ab-Origine” and beside each cabinet is an information panel like you would find in a museum. It describes their genus (Homo Sapien), region, tribe, common name (all called Jacky Jacky) and a long genealogy. Such detached, scientific scrutiny and cool abuse of a person is both shocking and moving. This is a work that challenges our very core, our culture and history.

By Kate Herbert

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