Thursday, 20 November 2008

One Cloud, Nov 20, 2008 *1/2

One Cloud 
By Shannon Murdoch
Where and When: Theatreworks, until Nov 29, 2008
Reviewer: Kate Herbert
Stars: *1/2

One Cloud tells the story of an isolated, repressed and peculiar island community that lives according to patriarchal rituals, rigid social conventions and a rejection of all outside influence. 

When a scatty, vodka-drinking, modern young woman (Kylie Trounson) washes up on their shores, the residents are initially polarised about her presence. They either love her or hate her because she has disturbed their plain and simple life. They are as weird and insular as The Brethren.

The script is unnecessarily oblique and repetitive in an attempt to be poetic or non-naturalistic. This could be a 20 minute play. With more imaginative direction the script might have potential but the direction (Sarah McCusker) is clumsy, leaving the actors looking awkward and crowded on a cramped stage.

By Kate Herbert

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