Friday, 23 September 2011

Dumped! The Musical, Sep 23, 2011

Dumped! The Musical ***

DUMPED! The Musical is a comical view of women put back on the shelf or - to be blunt - dumped by their hubbies.

If you've been through it, witnessed it, or fear it, you'll get a laugh out of the self-deprecating humour and acerbic lyrics.

Dumpees Anonymous - an absurd, 76-step recovery program for women - is run by the ridiculously optimistic Harmony Cascade, played with relish by Jennifer Vuletic.

Harmony's group boasts some real wackos. Emma Powell plays Sue, who is on a muffin-and-wine binge since her bloke left her for a 21 year-old but forgot to take the kids.

Mandi Lodge is Sharon, a dumpee who is desperate for a baby and whose confidence was destroyed when her husband said her bum was too big.

The comic highlight is psycho stalker Vera (Amanda Levy), who is on a court order to attend Dumpees after threatening her ex. Levy's Vera is a karate-kicking, Mafia hit-woman with a grudge.

It's Daggy with a capital D. The dialogue can be predictable, but the audacious performances, big, bold voices of the singers and their resonant harmonies make Dumped a hoot.

DUMPED! THE MUSICAL Athenaeum Theatre, until Sunday, Sep 24, 2011

Star rating: ***

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