Thursday, 15 December 2011

Gillian Cosgriff, Waitressing... and other things I do well, Dec 14, 2011 ***1/2

By Gillian Cosgriff, Produced by Luckiest Productions 
Chapel off Chapel, 14-23 December 2011
Reviewer: Kate Herbert on Dec 14, 2011
Stars: ***1/2
Gillian Cosgriff in Waitressing... and other things I do well

Cute as a button 24-year old, recent WAAPA graduate, Gillian Cosgriff’s one-woman cabaret show, Waitressing ... and other things I do well, is a little gem. Judging by the quality of this performance, Cosgriff does many things well.

In her first solo show, Cosgriff proves an impressive, incisive lyricist, songwriter (think Eddie Perfect minus the punchy political themes), a highly capable pianist, singer and comedic performer. The performance gods have been kind to her.

Cosgriff’s songs and script deal with universal themes that should resonate with most audiences: working in dead-end jobs to make ends meet, being sacked or quitting, dealing with demanding customers, love obsessions, long-distance friendships conducted over Skype, and chasing your dreams.

One song in particular, where Cosgriff draws distinctions between being a performer and being a builder, is a particularly poignant highlight.

The show is a tad long with a couple of flat spots, a few songs have clever lyrics but forgettable tunes and the ‘poor me’ angle gets tired quickly.

If this impressive solo premiere is an accurate barometer for future artistic success, Cosgriff will not have to wait on too many more tables in order to make ends meet.


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