Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dave Thornton, April 2, 2012 ***

Dave Thornton: The Some Of All The Parts
Swiss House to April 22, 2012
Reviewer: Kate Herbert on April 1, 2012

After a slow start, he proves to be charming, open and self-deprecating.
Dave Thornton

Dave Thornton is tall and pointy with pencil legs, and he looks very nervy at the start of his new show about how he prepared to be an inspirational speaker for 12 year-old, private school kids.

Fortunately, he relaxes after his abrasive opening routine, and we realise that the brittle arrogance and shameless self-promotion are all a joke and he proves to be charming, open and self-deprecating.

Thornton searches for inspiration for his school talk by visiting his mother’s sex education class for teenagers, which proves an embarrassing revelation.

The interview that he hoped for with his idol, basketballer Michael Jordan, is cancelled, and he is left with nothing but his own wits to inspire the kids.

His idea that Europe is like a share house and Greece is your bong-smoking mate who never pays the rent, is hilarious and topical.
Thornton really starts to fly by the end of the show and he gets huge laughs from material about his brother’s Asberger’s behaviour, dating, flirting with a gay man and his eventual, disastrous presentation to the kids.

By Kate Herbert

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