Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Plus One, Mike McLeish & Fiona Harris, April 1, 2012 ***1/2

Mike McLeish & Fiona Harris, Plus One
Old Council Chambers, Trades Hall until April 22
Reviewer: Kate Herbert
Stars: *** 1/2
 Recognisable characters, witty dialogue in perky show about 30-somethings.

Plus One is Identification Theatre that provides some laughs at the expense of 30-somethings  in one of the few plays in the Comedy Festival.

After 16 years, six old, university friends, most of whom played in a band called the Nervous Wrecks, reunite at the art installation of one of their clan and realise that some individuals changed while others stayed still the same.

We see happily married couple, Nikki and Joe; control-freak, Veronica, and Rick, her hen-pecked hubby; Seamus, the Irish Lothario and Twitter-addict; and Bliss the fey, latter day hippy.

The story and characters are sit-com in style with plenty of obvious laughs and some witty dialogue from Mike McLeish and Fiona Harris who people the stage with recognisable characters.

There is more mileage in this play that could be developed into a more complex theatrical exploration of relationships and change or, alternatively, go further into the over the top comedy with additional songs, a forte of McLeish.

By Kate Herbert

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