Friday, 3 August 2012

All That I Will Ever Be, Aug 2, 2012 ***

All That I Will Ever Be, by Alan Ball, Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

Where and When: Chapel off Chapel, Aug 1to 12, 2012
Reviewer: Kate Herbert

Review in Herald Sun on Aug 8

Alan Ball’s award-winning screenplays (American Beauty, Six Feet Under) explore the inner darkness and paradoxes of characters, their vulnerabilities, conflicted natures, their struggle to reach potential and accept themselves.

His stage play, All That I Will Ever Be, delves into similar issues with its story of Omar (Francisco Lopez) who sells phones by day and recreates himself at night, playing exotic roles as a male prostitute.

Although he insists that he is not gay – he has a girlfriend (Sarah Roberts) – when he meets new client, Dwight (Christian Heath), he builds a relationship by increments with this privileged 30-something who lives on Daddy’s money.

Heath captures the insecurity and vulnerability in Dwight who has all material things, but lacks self-worth, love and freedom from emotional pain and panic attacks.

Omar’s lies, betrayal and lack of trust are the core of this story and, while Lopez is suitably brittle as Omar, he lacks some of his chameleon quality.

This naturalistic play focuses on the characters, as we witness the burgeoning relationship between Omar and Dwight, Omar’s duplicitous, dysfunctional interactions with others, and the eventual collapse of their relationship because of Omar’s dishonesty.

While Ball’s dialogue is smart and the actors explore some of his black comedy, the pace is sometimes slow, the rhythm unbalanced, and the final scene seems extraneous.

By Kate Herbert

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