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Asher Treleaven: Bad Dandy, March 29, 2013 ***

Bad Dandy
Victoria Hotel, Vic’s Bar, March 28 until April 21, 2013 
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 
Stars: ***
Reviewer: Kate Herbert on March 29
Review also published in Herald Sun online on Sat March 30. KH 

"Slightly weird, shambolic, impeccably dressed praying mantis" 

Asher Treleaven is like a leggy, impeccably dressed praying mantis on hot coals as he paces and prances across the stage, almost nutting himself on the incredibly low ceiling.

His show is shambolic, probably intentionally so, and Treleaven grins and smirks at his own errors, treating mistakes as gifts and even turning into comedy gold the potentially disastrous missed cue of the opening song.

There’s no getting around it: Treleaven’s got ‘peculiar’ written all over him, with his spaghetti legs, eccentric physicality, his constant diversions and non-sequiturs that send him down rabbit holes.

He looks like a guy from a 1940’s Film Noir – but he’s not; he looks like a Hitler Youth – we hope he’s not.

After his experience of the love and adulation of American audiences, Treleaven bemoans the Australian obsession with cutting down Tall Poppies that is painfully obvious during his gig in outback Coober Pedy.

His criticism of the French invention of foie gras is witty, his Zumba dance is hilariously bizarre and his illustrated “Celebrity thoughts of the day” quote such intellectual giants as Jean Claude Van Damme, Vin Diesel and Bob Katter.

His final, outlandish explanation of the causes of the Global Financial Crisis uses soft toys as visual aids and ends with the audience hurling cuddly toys as if in a schoolyard food fight.

Treleaven’s a bit wicked, a bit bonkers, and seems to have too many limbs for one body – a good recipe for a comic.

By Kate Herbert

Quote on vintage clothing: “I like that special feeling you get when you put on a dead man’s second-best suit.” Treleaven

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