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The Lover, May 30, 2013 ****

Translated and Adapted from Marguerite Duras' novel by Colin Duckworth
Trades Hall, New Ballroom, May 30 to June 16, 2013 (opening May 31)
Reviewer: Kate Herbert on June 1 
Stars: ****

Review published on line on Tues June 4 in Herald Sun and probably later in print. KH
 Kate Kendall in The Lover

Alone on stage in The Lover, the charismatic Kate Kendall seems to be surrounded by a faint glow, a pale luminescence that gives her the magical aura of a glamorous, 1930s movie star.

In Colin Duckworth’s theatrical adaptation of Marguerite Duras’ erotic novel, Kendall self-narrates the tale of a poor, 14 year-old French girl who is seduced by, and falls in love with, a wealthy, young, Chinese man in French colonial Saigon during 1929.

Greg Carroll’s production is intimate, claustrophobic and atmospheric, with Kendall confined within the rich, red, velvet-lined walls of a small, French salon (design by Peter Corrigan) that conjures images of an opulent brothel gone to seed.

Perched on an oriental chaise and dressed in cool, cream slacks and shirt, a broad, striped bandanna and a rope of pearls, Kendall looks the epitome of mid-20th century, Parisian success... continues

 Full review will appear here after publication on line or in print in Herald Sun. KH
Starring Kate Kendall
Directed by Greg Carroll
Set and Costume Design by Peter Corrigan
Underscore by Greg Carroll with
Music by Carl Vine, Brian Eno, Piazziolla and Toru Takemitsu

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