Saturday, 30 November 2002



*F GR Shush                      La Mama, Melbourne, VIC               22/01/2002
*F GR  The Saucy Cantina          Victorian Arts Centre: Black Box      22/01/2002
 F GR Perverse                   Victorian Arts Centre: Black Box      20/01/2002
F GR Art On Trial               George Adams Gallery, Melbourne, VIC  18/01/2002
F GR Open Wide, Come Inside. The Bears are Back         Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran  17/01/2002
 Chookahs                   George Fairfax Studio, Melbourne,     16/01/2002
*F GR I should be so lucky       Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC       15/01/2002
GR Pinocchio                  Melbourne Concert Hall, Melbourne,    12/01/2002
*F GR Love in a Cubicle          Mechanics Insitute, Melbourne, VIC    09/01/2002
 F GR The Singers' Guide to the Universe    Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC       09/01/2002
*F GR Lucky Stiff                Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC       08/01/2002
* F GR Women in Love              Rippon Lea, Elsternwick, VIC          07/01/2002
*GR  Oh! What a Night           State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC         03/01/2002
*F GR I am Not a Fag Hag          Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC      31/01/2002
 F GR Sailing on a Sea of Tears   Span Gallery, Melbourne, VIC         29/01/2002
F GR Tim McKew turns 25          Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC      27/01/2002
**GR  Sweet Bird of Youth         The Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC        26/01/2002
* F GR My Life as a Dyke Too: The Shequel        La Mama, Melbourne, VIC       23/01/2002
 F GR This Is Our Youth           The Storeroom, Melbourne, VIC        23/01/2002
F GR Hell in a Handbag           Victorian Arts Centre: Black Box     22/01/2002
F GR Naughty Little Showtunes    Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC      22/01/2002

*D GR  Belonging                   CUB Malthouse, Melbourne, VIC        12/02/2002
**** F/D GR Three Dark Tales            Merlyn Theatre, South Melbourne,     11/02/2002
 F GR Dogs Barking                Storeroom, Melbourne, VIC            08/02/2002
 F GR  Apartment 1397 Act 1        Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC      07/02/2002
*F/Cab GR Terra Paradiso              Dante's, Fitzroy, VIC                07/02/2002
 Cab GR The King & Di               Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC      07/02/2002
* GR Enuff                       Beckett Theatre, Sth. Melbourne,     05/02/2002
*D  GR Conversations With the Dead    CUB Malthouse, Melbourne, VIC     26/02/2002
 Dance? GR Beyond 40                      State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC     22/02/2002
*D GR Blue/Orange                    George Fairfax Studio,            22/02/2002
*F GR Moon Babies                    La Mama, Melbourne, VIC           20/02/2002
 *D GR Casting Doubts                 Playbox Theatre, Melbourne, VIC   19/02/2002
*D GR Crow Fire                      Playbox Theatre, Melbourne, VIC   19/02/2002

 *D GR  Stolen                         Playbox Theatre, Melbourne, VIC   11/03/2002
** D GR Life X 3                       The Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC     08/03/2002
 F GR ? Can't Help Myself ,Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow  , Mother Lode ,  Shoes of Desire: Part 1 , The More We Change, Turn ,Yellowing Yvonne Bowden Memorial Theatre,   07/03/2002
**F GR Ordinary Misery                La Mama, Melbourne, VIC           06/03/2002
** D GR The Loves of Shakespeare's Women Athenaeum 2 Theatre, Melbourne,06/03/2002
*F GR The Bull-Ant                   Theatreworks, Melbourne, VIC      05/03/2002
*F/Cab? GR Eccentric Acts               Theatreworks, Melbourne, VIC        27/03/2002
 Cab GR In and Out of Focus          Capers Cabaret, Hawthorn, VIC       27/03/2002
 Cab GR Industrial Waste             The Comics Lounge, North Melbourne, 27/03/2002
F GR Lord of the Ringos           The Storeroom, Melbourne, VIC       27/03/2002
F GR One Man's Business           The Storeroom, Melbourne, VIC       27/03/2002
F GR Screaming in America: The Bill Hicks Project    The Storeroom, Melbourne, VIC    27/03/2002
 F GR The Dodge                    The Storeroom, Melbourne, VIC       27/03/2002
F GR The Feel Appeal              The Storeroom, Melbourne, VIC       27/03/2002
F GR Shut Up And Love Me          National Theatre, Melbourne, VIC    22/03/2002
F GR Tangled                      Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC     21/03/2002
*F GR Dead Caucasians              Carlton Courthouse, Carlton, VIC    20/03/2002
**Opera GR Cavalleria Rusticana         Victorian Arts Centre: Black Box    19/03/2002
**Opera GR Pagliacci                    State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC       19/03/2002
*F GR  Counting Icebergs            Cooks Cottage, VIC                  14/03/2002
Cab GR A Song for You               Capers Restaurant, Hawthorn, VIC    13/03/2002
*F GR Four Small Deaths            Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC     13/03/2002
*F GR Judith                       The Storeroom, Melbourne, VIC       13/03/2002
 Youth Rave New World               St Martins Theatre, Melbourne, VIC  13/03/2002
***F GR Uncle Bob                    Red Stitch Actors Theatre, St. Kilda, VIC 13/03/2002
 Com GR Port Out, Starboard Home in the company of Chris Addison Melb THall,28/03/2002
 Com GR Scum Nation                         Melbourne Town Hall,         28/03/2002
F GR The Trade                           7 Alfred Place Downstairs,   28/03/2002
Opera GR   Don Giovanni                        State Theatre, Melbourne,    27/03/2002
Bad -Com GR Christ on a Bike             7 Alfred Place Downstairs,          28/03/2002

Opera GR Faust                    State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC 09/04/2002
 Cab GR Puppetry of the Penis            Forum Theatre, Melbourne, VIC 09/04/2002
MT GR  Man of La Mancha                 Regent Theatre, Melbourne,    06/04/2002
 F GR OZACT: A Feast of Shakespeare      Heatherlie Quarry, VIC        06/04/2002
 *GR Still Angela                       CUB Malthouse, Melbourne, VIC 06/04/2002

F  GR The Fall of the Roman Umpire       La Mama, Melbourne,   04/04/2002

****Opera GR Sweeney Todd             State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC           27/04/2002

* F/D  GR Scissors, Paper, Rock    Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, VIC     26/04/2002

 *D GR Richard 3                The Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC           25/04/2002
* F  What do you think of me so far?   Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC         25/04/2002
D  GR Post Felicity            Playbox Theatre- The Malthouse, South   23/04/2002
*D GR Svetlana in Slingbacks   CUB Malthouse, Melbourne, VIC           23/04/2002
***D GR True West                George Fairfax Studio, Melbourne, VIC   19/04/2002
*F  GR Paradise                 La Mama, Melbourne, VIC                 17/04/2002
D? GR The Dreaming      Westside Performing Arts Centre Shepparton, VIC 16/04/2002
Com GR Say Nothing              Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, VIC     13/04/2002
***** F GR  Yes, Yes, Yes            Melbourne Concert Hall, Melbourne, VIC  13/04/2002
F GR Cold August Night        Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, VIC     11/04/2002
D GR  Stories from the Hidden City        Melbourne Museum, Carlton, VIC          11/04/2002
*F GR Fat and Skinny in Lab Rats             Carlton Courthouse, Carlton, VIC        09/04/2002

***F GR  The Dunny                Carlton Courthouse, Carlton, VIC        01/05/2002
**F GR The Understudy           Carlton Courthouse, Carlton, VIC        01/05/2002
*Inn F/ F GR  Journey to Con-fusion #3        Dancehouse, North Carlton, VIC   17/05/2002
 ****GR Proof                           The Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC    17/05/2002
 CAB GR Girls, Girls, Girls!!!          Capers Cabaret, Hawthorn, VIC    16/05/2002
 F GR Dawn / Day / Dusk               Red Stitch Actors Theatre, St. Kilda, VIC 15/05/2002
F GR The Viet Boys From Down Under   La Mama, Melbourne, VIC          15/05/2002
*  F GR The Waiting Room                Trades Hall, Carlton, VIC        15/05/2002
* *** F GR Roulette                        Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC  14/05/2002

  F GR My True Colours                 La Mama, Melbourne, VIC          11/05/2002
F GR Northcote Country Soul          The Storeroom, Melbourne, VIC    11/05/2002
F GR An Existential Romp         The Butterfly Club Cabaret, South Melbourne, VIC 10/05/2002
 F GR Claws Out                       The Storeroom, Melbourne, VIC    08/05/2002
* D  GR  Milo's Wake                     Merlyn Theatre, South Melbourne, 3205, VIC08/05/2002
***D GR The Hollow Crown                Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC 08/05/2002
OPERA GR  Lohengrin                       State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC    01/05/2002
* F GR Reckage: The Tar Machine and The Great Divide       Chapel Off Chapel, 01/05/2002
*F GR The Lord of Misrule                  Carlton Courthouse,         31/05/2002
F GR Remember Ronald Ryan                 Theatreworks, Melbourne,    29/05/2002
*F GR The Aliens                           La Mama, Melbourne, VIC     29/05/2002
*DANCE  Hot Shoe Shuffle                     Athenaeum Theatre,          24/05/2002
 DANCE Wanted (Australia's Most Wanted: and Clear Pale Skin) Ballet for a Contemporary Democracy, The Workshop, Southbank,    24/05/2002
MT GR  The Music Man                        State Theatre, Melbourne,   22/05/2002
 YOUTH The Last Episode of the Bubble Teens St Martins Theatre21/05/2002
  CAB GR John Bucchino                  Lido Cabaret Restaurant, Hawthorn, VIC 20/05/2002
 F GR  Child                       Theatreworks, Melbourne,    19/05/2002
  CAB GR Mitchell Butel's Excellent Adventure Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, 19/05/2002

F GR  Discontinuities: Beyond Nothingness / What Lies Ahead / Last Jugement  La Mama,  20/06/2002
 F GR the Oval Office Week       Northcote Uniting Church Hall, Northcote, VIC 20/06/2002
 I NF GR Circus Oz                            Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, VIC 19/06/2002
 *F GR A Sweeter Fern - That's Red!      Carlton Courthouse, Carlton, VIC 18/06/2002
F GR It's a Family Affair      North Melbourne Town Hall Arts House, Melbourne, VIC 06/06/2002
F GR Linger                               La Mama, Melbourne, VIC     06/06/2002
*F GR June...The Place does not Matter     La Mama, Melbourne, VIC     05/06/2002
* F GR Winter as Frida Kahlo                Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, 05/06/2002
 F GR Chocolate Monkey                     Gamma Space, Melbourne, VIC --/06/2002

  D GR Half and Half     Playbox Theatre- The Malthouse, South Melbourne, 29/06/2002
MT GR  The Wizard of Oz                Regent Theatre, Melbourne, VIC   29/06/2002
**  D GR Slow Love                       Beckett Theatre, Sth. Melbourne, 3205, VIC 21/06/2002
  D GR The Recruit                     George Fairfax Studio, Melbourne, VIC 21/06/2002

F GR Cyclops Alley                   La Mama, Melbourne, VIC          17/07/2002
 OPERA Cavalleria Rusticana/Gianni Schicchi Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne,12/07/2002
  DGR Talking Heads        AL OVER VIC           Horsham Civic Centre, Horsham,   10/07/2002
F GR Down the Road                   Red Stitch Actors Theatre, St. Kilda, VIC 10/07/2002
D GR Soulmates                       The Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC    10/07/2002
DANCE Giselle                         State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC    06/07/2002
 F GR The Man Who Mistook His Wife  for a Hat          Horti Hall, Carlton,         04/07/2002
D GR Hamlet                          Athenaeum 2 Theatre, Melbourne,  03/07/2002
 CAB  Rick Price                      Capers, Hawthorn, VIC            03/07/2002
F GR School                          Carlton Courthouse, Carlton,     03/07/2002
DANCE  Spirit of the Dance             Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC 02/07/2002
 DANCE Walkabout                       The Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC    02/07/2002
F GR Boredom Protection Policy      Trades Hall, Carlton, VIC         30/07/2002
 F GR The Girl Who Wanted To Be God  Carlton Courthouse, Carlton, VIC  30/07/2002
  DGR The Recruit                    Merlyn Theatre, South Melbourne,  30/07/2002
F GR Focus 4 (Preparation Anthem); Upside  Down and Back to Front; Fall;  Utterance; A Miniature Replica of a Much Larger Reality;      Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne,   28/07/2002
OPERA  La Boheme                      Williamstown Town Hall,           27/07/2002
 GR ? The Wheel of Life              Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC26/07/2002
F GR 4xBeckett (Come and Go, Eh Joe,Rough for Theatre 2 and Footfalls)  The Storeroom, 24/07/2002
F/? D GR A Poor Student                 CUB Malthouse, Melbourne, VIC     24/07/2002
 F GR Foreign Body                   La Mama, Melbourne, VIC           24/07/2002
 F GR Snakeskin                      La Mama, Melbourne, VIC           24/07/2002
 F GR Under the Weather              Gasworks Theatre, Albert Park,    23/07/2002
F GR The Big Conundrum              North Melbourne Town Hall Arts House, Melbourne, 19/07/2002
 F GR Kan Yama Kan (Once Upon a Time)Trades Hall New Ballroom, Carlton, 18/07/2002
DANCE  Lord of the Dance              State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC     18/07/2002
MT GR The Witches of Eastwick   Princess Theatre, Melbourne, VIC       07/08/2002
COM   Barrackers                The Comic's Lounge, North Melbourne,   07/08/2002
F GR In the Mirror             La Mama, Melbourne, VIC                31/07/2002
 F GR The Cool Room             La Mama, Melbourne, VIC                31/07/2002

 F GR      I nhabited                 Centre Place Lane, Melbourne, VIC      16/08/2002
*****   D GR  Your Dreaming             Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC  16/08/2002
 F GR Antigone                  Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, VIC    15/08/2002
 F GR The Speculator            The Black Box, Melbourne, VIC          15/08/2002
F GR Trophies                  Fitzroy Gallery, Fitzroy, VIC          14/08/2002
 F GR And Baby Makes Seven      Red Stitch Actors Theatre, St. Kilda,  07/08/2002
 CAB Serious Cabaret: Phil Scott         Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran, VIC        03/08/2002
 CAB The Boy Who Knew Everything: Andrew Threlfall  Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran    03/08/2002
D? F GR The Dreamers                    Alexander Theatre, Clayton, VIC  30/08/2002
 F GR United! (Trilogy: Black Cake;  Subtle Sequence of Revelation; Mercurial Manoeuvres)  State Theatre, 29/08/2002

*** D GR Copenhagen Michael Frayn Sydney theatre Company Athenaeum 1
*D GR The Simple Truth Michael Gurr Playbox 11/9/2002
D GR Fever Melbourne Workers Theatre trades hall  18/9/2002-
* F GR Great expectations MTC    19/9/2002
*FGR Spoilt Store Room 26/9/2002
*F GR Elixir Store Room  26/9/2002

*F GR Angina Monologues Trades hall 1/10/2002-
F GR Doctor Cade Neil Cole Courthouse 2/10/2002-
F GR Pig cabaret stoer Room 3/10/2002-
F GR The Concert ( by the Business ) Store Room 5/10/2002
F GR Impro melbourne Shakepeare Improvised from 4/10/2002
F GR Impro melbourne Gorilla Theatre from 6/10/2002
** GR Hello Dolly State Theatre 9/10/2002
**F GR Still Jane Bodie Store Room 10/10/2002
*F GR Piece of Pie Store Room 10/10/2002
**F GR  Gangland Mirra Todd Store Room 10/10/2002
F GR Direct from Broadway Store Room 10/10/2002
***GR Interior Sites MIFA IRAA 15/10/2002
F GR Mabel Dawn Woman on Stage ( Drag) La mama 16/10/2002
D GR Motherland                    CUB Malthouse, Melbourne, VIC      31/10/2002
 Dance  GR Same, Same But Different      The Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC      30/10/2002
F GR kNOT@Home                     RMIT Capitol Theatre, Melbourne,   30/10/2002
 * **D GR Emily of Emerald Hill         George Fairfax Studio, Melbourne,  29/10/2002

 * D GR  Fire, Fire Burning Bright     CUB Malthouse, Melbourne, VIC      28/10/2002
 F GR Keene / Taylor Theatre  Project ( Dog) Project (River)  Fortyfivedownstairs, Melb,28/10/2002
 ** D GR Mil Quinientos Metros Sobre el Nivel de Jack Victorian Arts Centre: Black Box   25/10/2002
 F GR Cinnabar Field                North Melbourne Town Hall Arts House, Melbourne 24/10/2002
** D GR  Genesi                        State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC      24/10/2002
 I N F  or F GR K                             Melbourne Museum, Carlton, VIC     23/10/2002
**** VCA  Rememberance of Things Past   Space 28, Southbank, VIC           23/10/2002
Youth  Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights St Martins Theatre, Melbourne,22/10/2002
 DNCE ??      Recent Experiences            The Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC      22/10/2002
 D GR Keene / Taylor Theatre Project (To Whom it May Concern) / (Two Shanks Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne,21/10/2002
D GR  Play Dirty                    Victoria Docklands: Shed 4,        18/10/2002
  DANCE Tense Dave                    Chunky Move Studios, Melbourne,    18/10/2002
 CAB And Then There's Bea            Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne,    17/10/2002
OPERA  Love in the Age of Therapy      The Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC    17/10/2002
**F GR  Medea                           Horti Hall, Carlton, VIC         17/10/2002
F GR Soft                            Victoria Docklands: Shed 4,      16/10/2002
F GR A Trilogy of Revolution (The Designated Mourner) Uniting Church, Fitzroy,     15/10/2002
 F GR A Trilogy of Revolution (The Fever) Tribeca  Development, My Dinner with Andre).    The Windsor, Melbourne     15/10/2002
* ***  D GR Interior Sites Project (The Water Room)          Undisclosed Location, 15/10/2002
 F GR Les Liaisons Dangereuses        Athenaeum 2 Theatre, Melbourne,  10/10/2002
 D GR   Slava's Snowshow                Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC   09/10/2002
  CAB Caravan                         Dantes, Fitzroy, VIC             08/10/2002
  CAB Do You Want a Smacked Bottom?   Altitude Bar, Melbourne, VIC     05/10/2002
 CAB  Ronnie Burns: The Way of the Heart            Capers Cabaret, Hawthorn, VIC    02/10/2002
*MT  Hello Dolly                     State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC    01/10/2002
*GR Emily of Emerald Hill
*GR Total Masala Slammer MIFA
*GR The Life of Charles Dickens Ath 1
OPERA Motherland Chamber Made
*GR Genesi
***NO Remembrance of Things past VCA
OPERALove in the Age of therapy
*GR  Milquiinetos
  GR  Soft
GR Play Dirty
F GR    Decoupage Skin la mama 30/10/2002-

**** MT Oliver
*F GR The Play About the baby Redstitch 1/11/ 2002
 GR MIFA Captain Corelli's Mandolin the Concert Melbourne Concert Hall,05/11/2002
*F GR Sugar Story of a boxer la mama Nick Papas 6/11/2002
*F GR Sweet Phoebe Store Room 12/11/2002-12-01 
**FG R Krapp's last Tapes la mama 13/11/2002
* F GR Lonely Lennie Lower la mama 14/11/2002
*GR Rapture Playbox Joanne MS
*F GR The changeling la mama 19/11/2002

***GR Laughter pn the 23rd Floor Neil Simon MTC 20/11/2002
**F GR Faust Chapel off Capel 21/11/2002
F GR Shadowlands Ath 2 Chambers Nov
F GR Teratology Project  PANCH 26/11/2002
**F GR The Grand Feeling 45 Downstairs 27/11/2002
F GR Bearhunt Hoist ACCA 28/11/2002
*F GR Love and Understanding red stitch 29/11/2002

F GR Kaidan Store room 6/12/2002
* F GR harry's  Christmas Chapel off Chapel 6/12/2002
**F GR Love is the Best Doctor Chapel 6/12/2002
*F GR Cabaret  11/12/2002-12-01 Umbilical Bros Ath 1 12/12/2002
F GR Just DisgustiNG RMIT 13/12/2002Lion Witch Wardrobe 31/12/2002-12-01

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