Friday, 4 April 2014

KelFi & FiKel, April 3, 2014 ***

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 
The Front Room, Trades Hall, until April 6, 2014 
Star rating:***
Reviewer: Kate Herbert 
Full review also online in Herald Sun, Friday April 4, 2014. KH 
 Great harmonies, irreverent lyrics and quirky characters

Fikel and KelFi are two talented singers who perform transgressive, original songs and sketches about doing everything that is ‘perfectly wrong’. 

Kelly, the sassy blonde, and Fiona, the bold brunette, open with a song about how well they go together and their tuneful, musical theatre style voices certainly blend beautifully.

The Wrong Song explains their comic choices when they sing; “We take something really right and make it really wrong.”

Their idiosyncratic tunes, accompanied on piano by Kelly, have complex, irreverent lyrics and their material is often very funny although some of it may be considered to be in questionable taste.

For example, they perform a satirical song about words that can’t be said (or written) in polite company – but the pair find cunning ways to say these taboo words over and over and over.

In Nobody’s Perfect, Fiona sings politely about her ex-husband while Kelly’s muttered upstage interjections reveal the man’s cheating and lying and the real intention of this comically vengeful song.

Although some of the tunes start to sound the same musically, they are witty and well sung.

Some sketches are funnier than others, but Kelly’s exceptional facility for creating quirky characters is a highlight.

Kelly’s is achingly funny as Sammy, the highly intelligent, home-schooled boy who is “somewhere on the Autism spectrum, and she is a riot as the unintelligible, bogan model in How To Be Sexy.

This impish pair has some formidable musical theatre talent that could well be siphoned off into commercial musicals.

By Kate Herbert

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