Thursday, 31 July 2014

Green Screen, until Aug 3, 2014

By Sans Hotel, Conceived and Directed by Nicola Gunn
NEON Festival, MTC Southbank Theatre, The Lawler, until Aug 3, 2014

I haven't seen this yet but I am a great fan of Nicola Gunn's work. See it. KH

Devised and Performed by Nat Cursio, Tom Davies, Nicola Gunn, Jonno Katz, Kerith Manderson Galvin; Production Designers Nicola Gunn and Gwen Holmberg-Gilchrist;
Sound Designer Duane Morrison;
Research Assistant Aaron Orzech
From Media Release:
So, tell me about yourself. What do you do? Part-careers expo,
part-social experiment, Green Screen is a show about the
way we work and how we are in the world.

It is a passionate
rumination on the relationship between doing and being, set
in a room with a group of people discussing the beginnings
of a new nation. It is about saving the planet with imagined
utopias, new constitutions, human pyramids and Cher tribute
concerts. It asks questions about how we would define
ourselves if we could no longer be defined by what we do.
It is also an attempt to write a new TV sitcom.
‘Green Screen continues my interest in exploring identity,
transformation and the idea of individual and social utopias.
I’m interested to know if we could create an alternate life for
ourselves, what it would look like,’ director Nicola Gunn said.
'The idea for this work was originally me thinking about how
much of what we do affects who we are,’ she said. We imbue
the choice of a career with enormous significance, as if the
meaning and value of a person’s life largely hangs upon what
they do for a living. I thought, what would be the most
meaningful and fulfilling job? I came up with saving the
planet from self-destruction... I guess I am thinking a lot
about the future. I'm thinking a lot about how impermanent
everything is.'

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