Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Rod Quantock, Sept 24, 2014

Rod Quantock-Invitation to a Revolution
At Lithuanian Club, From Sept 24, 2014
Melbourne Fringe Festival
You know I love Rod Quantock but I can't see or review this one. Go see him doing his revolt against Abbott. Vive La Revolution! KH
From Media Release

"Sir Rod Quantock cordially invites you to riotous evening of incendiary humour* this Melbourne

Fringe. September marks the first anniversary of the election of the Abbott Government and what

better way to celebrate than an evening with Sir Rod (because he loathes the Liberals too).

"Each night, Sir Rod will recruit the audience, train them as operatives, assign them to Sleeper

Cells and give them an activation code. What happens when the activation code is triggered and

the Glorious Revolution begins? You’ll have to be in the audience to find out.

"Rod Quantock recently held a press conference (in his head) to mark his return to Melbourne

Fringe after a near 20-year absence. “The Liberals are torturing refugees as a warning to others.

"That’s what the Mafia do,”  said Sir Rod. “But Big Tony and his Gang of political thugs (or Big Ears

and The Noddies as I call them) are mere tools of the Dark Lords and Lady Reinhardt. If this were

France they’d be donning their berets and dusting off the guillotine!”.

 "Quantock is one of the reasons that Melbourne is the live comedy capital of Australia. As a

pioneer of stand up comedy, Quantock’s brilliance is in his ability to evolve. He is relevant and

contemporary. Celebrating his 45th  year in stand up in 2013, Quantock – who in 2004 was

awarded the Sydney Myer Performing Arts Award - remains sharp, insightful and fiercely political,

lobbing Molotov Cocktails of Mirth at mainstream politics.

"His last solo show at the Melbourne Fringe was in 1996 – the year Australia elected John

Howard. In 2014 he’s back to take on Abbott and his speedos. In a bold (and possibly

treasonous) move, Sir Rod has announced The Revolution. “The Forces of Evil must be

conquered and, in the absence of an actual Australian Opposition, I will start the revolution ! Viva

la Revolution! Viva, el Rod! ”. Don’t miss one of our very own national treasures in his triumphant

Fringe return this September.

"*Rod bestowed a Knighthood on himself in a drunken stupor late in the Third Quarter of the

Collingwood-Carlton match. DISCLAIMER: Should the Abbott Government collapse before The

Fringe starts, Mr Quantock reserves the right to do a show about living in a share house in the

End Media Release

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