Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cirkopolis, Oct 11, 2014 ***1/2

Cirque Éloize; Melbourne Festival
State Theatre, Oct 10 to 12, 2014
Reviewer: Kate Herbert on 11 Oct, 2014
Stars: ***1/2
I saw this on Sat Oct 11, 2014.  I am not reviewing this for Herald Sun but I have put a short comment below. It is not a thorough review so forgive the brevity. KH

Cirkopolis, by Cirque Éloize, merges a conventional, contemporary circus show with its a parade of fine circus acts, with the design concept of Fritz Lang's movie, Metropolis. 

The resulting production is successful in part although it does not break any new ground in contemporary circus.

The projected design of grim, industrial machinery and urban landscape underscore the dehumanising routine of the Metropolis-inspired world of grey-faced, grey-coated office workers pacing like automatons through their rigid, repetitive, daily routines.

The show,
directed by David St.-Pierre and Jeannot Painchaud, boasts some marvellous acrobatic, dance, gymnastic and circus skills amongst its artists and several acts are stand-outs.

However, the choreography feels busy and unfocussed at times, with the stage cluttered with moving bodies and the music is relentless with few quieter or subtler moments.

Cirque Eloize, performed their show, Rain, an astonishingly lovely and imaginative piece, when they came to Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games Festival in 2007 to perform at Crown.

Cirkopolis is skilful circus entertainment but the Metroplois concept feels as if it is bolted on to a regular circus show.
Kate Herbert

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