Thursday, 9 October 2014

Melbourne Festival, from Oct 9, 2014

Melbourne Festival Shows

The following are the shows that I will be seeing in Melbourne Festival. 
All shows I am seeing and will review for this blog: 
  • The Complexity of Belonging
  • Have I No Mouth
  • Cirkopolis
  • Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday
  • Carrousel Des Moutons
  • My Lovers' Bones
  • Team Of Life
  • Nanjing Project
  • Hipbone Sticking Out
  • Something Very Far Away
  • The Trouble With Harry
  • Opus
  • When The Mountain Changed Its Clothing
  • AM I
  • Pure Movement: Trisha Brown Dance Co.  2 

I am reviewing for Herald Sun only these two theatre shows:

Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday 
When The Mountain Changed Its Clothing

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