Sunday, 2 April 2000

Billy Possible, April 2. 2000

by Neil Cole La Mama at Courthouse until April 15, 2000
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 
Reviewer: Kate Herbert

Billy Possible is a funny play from another lefty - Neil Cole, ex-Labour politician. It is a comic exposè of the machinations of Labour Party branch politics during an election.

 Billy, the dummy candidate, is played with expert comic timing and delivery by Ross Williams who has recently made a long-awaited return to stage from television.

The dialogue is fast-moving and witty, with jibes at all sides of politics. Everybody is corrupt, self-serving and human.

 Joy Mitchell's direction is swift, maintaining the comic drive. The acting is uneven but Abbe Holmes as the abrasive Joanna is delightful and Margot Knightis credible as the feminist candidate.

by Kate Herbert

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