Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dreamers, Nov 8, 2014

By Daniel Keene; directed by Ariette Taylor
45downstairs, Sat Nov 8 to 30, 2014

I am reviewing this play on Nov 8. If you remember the Keene/Taylor Project, I suggest this would be a good show to see. 

Have a look  at this cast. It has at least four of my favourite actors in it. Now, you can guess who they are.

Helen Morse

Paul English
Natasha Herbert
Nicholas Bell
Marco Chiappi
Jonathan Taylor
Brigid Gallagher
Yomal Rajasinghe
Yomal Rajasinghe &  Helen Morse
From Media Release:
"Dreamers deals with questions at the heart of contemporary life – the struggle against intolerance, the fear of difference and a love that is perceived as inappropriate. Dreamers explores a young man’s experience trying to establish himself in a new country, amid growing fear and animosity as he begins a relationship with an older woman who is also familiar with isolation and loneliness. Can their relationship survive the antagonism of the community they live in? Originally commissioned by French theatre company, Tabula Rasa, Dreamers is an intriguing new work by Daniel Keene and directed by Ariette Taylor. With a reputation for creating remarkable theatre, Dreamers will be Keene and Taylor's first creative collaboration in over a decade."
Daniel Keene & Ariette Taylor
Dreamers : A note from the author, Daniel Keene
"Dreamers is a play about the struggle against intolerance. Its central character, Anne, is in her sixties. When she begins a relationship with a man much younger than herself, who is also of a different race, she must face an avalanche of prejudice and disapproval.
"Dreamers is a challenging play concerned with racism and exclusion. It also addresses the problem of isolation, particularly in the lives of older people. It is a view of the underside of contemporary Australian life.
"In Australia at present debate is discouraged, exclusion is promoted, intolerance is accepted and complexities are ignored or erased. But the theatre can be a place for complex social conversations, somewhere to broker understanding and to hopefully generate inspiration and discussion. We hope that this production of Dreamers contributes something to achieving those ends."

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