Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sorry for my absence from the blog recently, but...

Hi all,

Sorry for my absence from the blog recently, but I haven't reviewed anything this week. I hope to see Betrayal at a later date.

I have been busy celebrating. For those who don't know from my Facebook, I am now the Victorian VET (Vocational) Teacher of the Year 2015.  Yes. Really!  The Awards ceremony was on Friday 28 August in a very fancy-schmancy event at Crown Palladium.

No, I didn't spend the prize money at the Black Jack table after the Award.

  I know. My face is shinier than the trophy.

It really never occurred to me that I could win an award for all those decades of teaching Theatre and Writing.

On 19 November, I represent Victoria in the Australian VET Teacher of the Year 2015.

How about them apples?

Now I just need to write or direct a new play and get an award for that. Just saying.

30 second interview – @DETVic – with me after the Award is here:

A tiny snippet of video showing the moment of the Award, the fanfare and my brief acceptance comment is is on my Facebook page here:

Kate :-)

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