Friday, 11 September 2015

Theatresports 30th Anniversary show, Fri 11 Sept 2015

Theatresports 30th Anniversary show
Kaleide Theatre, RMIT, Swanston St, Melbourne
Tonight, Friday 11 Sept, 215 at 8pm.

Yes, it's 30 years since we, the intrepid improvisers, comics, actors and die-hards performed the very first Theatresports Melbourne show at St. Martins Theatre in September 1985.

And yes, I was there as a judge on night one and then, from week two, I played Theatresports consistently for the next 20 years (!?) in Melbourne. Then I started travelling to Auckland, Canada and USA to play with my international family of improvising mates.

My special relationship with San Francisco and BATS Improv, developed after I met my long-lasting friends, Rebecca Scott & Reed Kirk Rahlmann at the Keith Johnstone Improv Summer School in Calgary ('Cow Town') in July 1990.

So, now it is 30 years later – with our aching joints and tired brains –  we are celebrating improvising and Theatresports and the joy that it brought us for all of those years and the careers it spawned in comedy, TV, radio and theatre. 

I could fall on my face and be embarrassing tonight (could be fun!) but there's the beauty of improvising; if one scenes is rubbish just wait a few minutes, because the next could be astounding.

Kate x
Above: Grand Final Winners', Perry Stroika, in 1990 (or 1991?). The core team was Chris Keogh, Geoff Paine, Ross Williams and Kate Herbert. This version includes Luke Sorba (UK), Glenn Robbins replacing Geoff Paine.

Below: pics of 4 x 4's from 1986 (I think). This was my very first team of geniuses: John Thompson, Ian Shrives, Carole Patullo and Kate Herbert. Carole and I then became The Flat Whites comedy duo for four years, 86-90.

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