Friday, 16 October 2015

Rituals of Art & Hatred, opens Tues 27 Oct 2015

By Michael Dalley 
Butterfly Club 
Tues 27 Oct -7 Nov, 2015 at 8.30pm

Here's a show I'm keen to see later this month. KH

From Media Release (this is not my review):

Michael Dalley is bringing his hit show of the Adelaide and Melbourne Cabaret Festivals ‘Rituals of Art and Hatred’ to The Butterfly Club.

Over the last decade, he has charmed audiences with his highly theatrical cabaret shows, including Vaudeville X’, ‘Urban Display Suite’, ‘Intimate Apparel’, and ‘Death in White Linen’. Whilst being thrilled to have won two Green Room Awards, Dalley is still livid at not winning the other ten for which he was nominated.

Michael Dalley is the master of satirical song writing. ‘Rituals of Art and Hatred’ is a compilation of the best songs of Dalley’s career such as, ‘The C Word’s Back in Town’, ‘Shit Art of the Mornington Peninsula’, ‘The Passive Aggressive Filipino Amway Lady’, and ‘I Love Private School Boys Doing Satire’.

Accompanied by his long time musical coordinator John Thorn, Dalley performs songs parodying today’s social conventions and affectations. Underscoring his material is the tension between his revolutionary impulses and his aspirational, bourgeois lifestyle.

Possessing a winning personality paired with an educated and insightful intellect, Dalley will have you laughing at the world, and more importantly, yourselves. “My duty is the truth. I’m not one to patronise. I’d much prefer to break your heart than flatter you with lies.”

‘Rituals of Art and Hatred’ will take you on a pilgrimage from the profane to the ridiculous. Come and be blessed!
End MR 

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