Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lugares, (Places) Impro Melbourne, Feb 28 2016 ***1/2

At Club Voltaire, 14 Raglan St, North Melbourne 
Sundays at 7:30pm, Feb 28th to March 20, 2016
Reviewer: Kate Herbert on Sun Feb 28
Stars: 3&1/2

 Jenny Lovell & Amy Moule - Grotesquely grinning, giant, moulded plastic Santa’s head 

I saw Lugares on its first night and had a hoot.

This improvisational format takes a story from an audience member then expands, illuminates, elaborates and improvises it into a one hour show that wanders to all kinds of places.

 On opening night, the audient told a childhood tale about spending time in her dad's garage where she and her friends lay down in an old, wooden trailer, tipped it back and pretended they had gone to parts unknown in space.

What followed was a series of episodic scenes, songs, monologues that ranged from the wildly entertaining to the gently amusing.

A highlight was the ensemble’s depiction of the grotesquely grinning, giant, moulded plastic Santa’s head (Jenny Lovell) that becomes grafted onto a dad’s head (Rik Brown) at Christmas. 

A dramatic, final monologue (Patti Stiles) paid tribute to dads who have passed away; it made even the cynical teary.

Performed by members of Impro Melbourne, the show will be a different kind of hoot each week, so get along.

Media Release:
'Lugares (Places) is directed by Patti Stiles (International Theatresports™ Institute and Impro Melbourne’s co-Artistic Director) and features members of the Impro Melbourne Ensemble and very special weekly guests. The Spanish translation of ‘places’, Lugares is the result of collaboration at the Wurzburg International Improvisation Festival in Germany between Patti Stiles, Felipe Ortiz, Michael Kennard and Jim Libby and the show was further developed in Bogota, Colombia. Impro Melbourne is proud to debut this show in Australia.' 

Tickets: $15 full | $10 conc. online and $20 full | $15 conc. at the door

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