Monday, 17 July 2017

The Time of Their Lives- Movie Review - July 17, 2017 ***

104 mins, Rated M
In cinemas nationally August 10, 2017
Written & directed by Roger Goldby
Cast: Pauline Collins, Joan Collins, Franco Nero, Ronald Pickup,  Sian Reeves, Joely Richardson, Allene Quincy
Reviewed by Kate Herbert
Stars: ***
Joan Collins, Pauline Collins, Franco Nero in The Time of Their Lives
 The Time of Their Lives is a charming, diverting and bitter-sweet road-trip movie about two older women, Priscilla and Helen, an odd couple played by Pauline Collins and Joan Collins.

When timid Priscilla Pauline Collins) is a repressed housewife married to selfish killjoy, Frank (Ronald Pickup) meets Helen (Joan Collins), a broke, former Hollywood star living in a cheerless retirement home, Priscilla finds herself reluctantly joining Helen on a jaunt to gate-crash a funeral in France.

Using Priscilla cash and Helen’s other resources, they embark on a trek to the ritzy Ile-de-Re, they stumble upon reclusive, famous and wealthy Italian painter, Alberto (Franco Nero) and this love triangle does not go the way any of them planned.

Their lives change as each challenges the other's worldview and a new, more honest friendship is forged.
Kate Herbert

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