Thursday, 12 October 2017

What If It Works? MOVIE REVIEW Oct 12, 2017 **

What: What If It Works? 
Written & directed by Romi Trower, produced by Tristan Miall
Released in Melbourne on Oct 12, 2017 at Lido, Classic & Belgrave Cameo cinemas
Reviewer: Kate Herbert

Adrian (Luke Ford) is suspended from his post-doctoral research in quantum physics when his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder finally impairs his capacity to function.

He encounters Grace (Anna Sampson), a shy artist who has multiple personalities, one of which is G, a provocative vamp and an artist, another being Spike, a crass and abusive loudmouth.

Adrian is a germophobe who cannot abide being touched, wears gloves 24/7 and scrubs everything several times a day. However, he adores driving fast and lives in a chaotic but well-scrubbed garage owned by his father.

This movie suffers from a lack of nuance and complexity in its characters, relationships, narrative and comedy. Adrian, Grace (and her other selves) and the people who surround them are caricatures instead of layered characters. The psychology is simplistic, with Adrian being a two-dimensional representation of an OCD sufferer and Grace’s multiple personalities being broadly comical.

The flimsy and contrived narrative, silly comedy and over-written dialogue are only occasionally interrupted by a couple of more sincere interactions between Adrian and Grace when they perch on their park bench.

Trower vainly inserts colourful drag queens and Melbourne laneways decorated with vivid graffiti to elevate the quirkiness but it is all to no avail when the story is so sketchy.

By Kate Herbert

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