Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Mysteries of the Convent, Sept 25, 2008 ***

 The Mysteries of the Convent 08
By Peepshow Inc.
 Abbotsford Convent, Wed to Sun, Sep 26 to Oct 5
Reviewer: Kate Herbert

The Mysteries of the Convent, a return season of the 1007 show by Peepshow Inc. draws on the history of the Abbotsford Convent, formerly run by the contemplative Good Shepherd Order of nuns but now an artists’ precinct. 

It is a sprawling site by the Yarra and is steeped in the fraught history of its original residents.

This eccentric and often fascinating, site-specific performance incorporates puppetry, visual elements, music and comedy. 

The audience goes on a guided tour and encounters both real and animated characters who represent the nuns and young women who lived and suffered in the convent. 

They appear and disappear mysteriously through doors, stairways and even out of laundry baskets.

By Kate Herbert

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