Monday 15 December 2003

Love! Valour! Compassion! Dec 14, 2003

 Love! Valour! Compassion!
by Terrence McNally
Gasworks, Albert Park, from Dec 14, 2003
Reviewer: Kate Herbert

Terrence McNally is a supremely funny and intelligent playwright. His play, Love! Valour! Compassion! is no exception.

Chris Baldock's production for the Midsumma Festival is a slick and very successful version of this often hilarious, sometimes poignant play about seven gay men.

The group of old pals and sometime enemies visit Gregory's (Dion Mills) upstate New York house for three long weekends in summer. We revisit them for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labour Day weekends.

One single, clumsy act of sexual betrayal changes the dynamic of the summer.

 Gregory's young blind partner Bobby, (Brett Whittingham) has a fumbling liaison by the Frigidaire with surly, English John's (Chris White) sexy boyfriend, Ramon (Juan Mondinger)

This thoughtless act has the repercussions of a stone in a pond.

The acting from virtually all the ensemble is believable, detailed and compelling.

The majority of McNally's howlingly funny lines are saved for Buzz, (Jacob Boehme) the most effeminate of the crew.

Boehme plays this shrieking, costume designing Queen with relish. His commitment to the character, total physical transformation and impeccable comic timing are a delight.

As the role model long term professional gay couple, Lee Threadgold and Richard Foster are entirely credible and admirable.

 The beauty of the play is that it can make these few weekends so resonant. McNally's consummate craft creates a complex web of scenes.

The narration changes hands, characters comment on the action, the story moves back and forward in time while we catch up with the machinations of these friends.

They are warm, vengeful, loving, sweet, tragic and achingly funny in the space of three hours.

Baldock's direction is sleek and seamless. His own set design of a series of steps and landings, provides an uncommonly effective location for the many inter-cut scenes.

This movement across the space is complemented by an atmospheric lighting design by Stelios Karagiannis.

McNally won four Tony awards for this play, Masterclass, Ragtime, the controversial Corpus Christi and Kiss of the Spider Woman. His credits go on and on.

This witty exposition of life as a gay man in the 1990's is a must see.

By Kate Herbert

Best & Worst of Theatre in Melbourne in 2003

The Best and Worst of MelbourneTheatre in 2003
Reviewer: Kate Herbert, Dec 15, 2003
Published in Herald Sun, Dec 2003

This year may have seen no exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime nights at the theatre but there were a number of fine pieces of work. Unfortunately, as always, there were a few screamers dotted amongst the goodies.

One name kept coming up in the 'best' column for both small and large companies: Tom Wright.  With director, Nick Harrington, Wright is responsible for two extraordinary, moving and grim plays at La Mama, both dealing with prisoners on Death Row in America.

This Is A True Story  featured Wright as a hapless, confused, uneducated man awaiting the Death Chamber in Mississippi.  It is a true story, which made the experience more eerie and mesmerising as Wright, in the dim, cavernous space, tells his desperate tale.

Wright and Harrington receive a second accolade for the companion piece, Lorelei,  another true story. Anna Galvin  was luminous as Lorilei, a woman with a big heart who is trying to save from Death Row the paedophile (Wright) who murdered her son.

Wright receives more high praise for sheer audacity and good fun for Babes in the Wood,  (Playbox) a political, absurd, rollicking good night out.

The Melbourne Theatre Company had several winners. Frozen  was another chilling story of a paedophile with compelling acting from Helen Morse,  Frank Gallacher  and Belinda McClory.  

Matt Cameron's  Ruby Moon  (Playbox) was another challenging play about a missing child.

Blue Room  (MTC) wins the sexiest play award for Marcus Graham's  impeccable performance while The Visit  (MTC) boasted the cream of Melbourne's older acting fraternity.

Bell Shakespeare  scored highly with its new Hamlet  while Love, Valour and Compassion was an hilarious, sometimes poignant play about seven gay men. (Midsumma Festival)

Several individual performances merit a mention. Canadian actress, Marie Brassard gave a consummate performance in the solo show, Jimmy.  Jonathan Hardy was hilarious and moving in Ron Elisha's A Tree Falling.  In Two,  another Elisha play, Bruce Kerr and Anastasia Malinoff  created a rivetting relationship.

Kenneth Ransom  was captivating as a genuinely likeable and charming serial killer on Death Row in Jesus Hopped The 'A' Train  (Red Stitch.

Jean Paul Hussey  was a human dynamo on stage in his solo work, Chocolate Monkey.

Another La Mama production, Below, deserved far more attention than it received. It was a gripping, gritty and often funny tale with superb acting, writing and direction.

There were fewer clangers this year. The musical, Cabaret, was not all we hoped it to be and Lisa McCune was not up to the lead role.

There are those who disagree with my assessment of the script of Falling Petals (Ben Ellis - Playbox) It is a play that won awards but it is poorly constructed and inconsistent. The director and actors did their best to make it work but audiences were disappointed.

One Night in the Well,  at The Courthouse, was a messy trio of short pieces. The music and video designs were effective but the disparate elements were not sufficiently well integrated.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,  a theatrical dinosaur by Dance Encore Productions,  New Zealand,  took the award for outdated writing, choreography and jokes. However, the little kids participated cheerfully and were more tolerant than my two companions who left apologetically in a hurry at interval.

The War Against Short Trousers was thin and dated political satire with predictable jokes peppered with the odd clever satirical moment. It was redeemed by a couple of good performances.

Another fringe show, Sideways, about two low-level drug dealers, suffered from too much talk and too little space for silent stage action or comedy.

Given the news headlines these days, the fact that Death Row, paedophiles and serial killers featured this year is not surprising but it is disturbing. Strangely, they made some of the most gripping nights in the theatre.

By Kate Herbert

Thursday 11 December 2003

My Secret Circus, NICA, Dec 11, 2003

My Secret Circus
National Institute of Circus Arts with Myer Melbourne  
 Myer Mural Hall,  6th Floor, Myer Bourke St.  Daily 11am, 1pm,  until December 19, 2003 

Reviewer: Kate Herbert on Dec 11, 2003

The silly season finally got too much for the big department store. Myer is running away with the circus - and having a hoot of a time.

Years One and Two of The National Institute of Circus Arts are performing two short shows in the lovely old Myer Mural Hall usually saved for banquets and morning teas.

This sassy group of over thirty young circus students, under the stylish direction of John Saunders,  produce two skilful, delightful and memorable shows.

The first show is designed with 8 year olds in mind. The set is chock full of Chrissie   trees, gifts and string lighting. It has plenty of slapstick and clowns and other physical comedy. There is even a wonderful Keystone Cops  chase scene.

The littlies in the audience are keen to participate and call out, He's behind you!" when the cops chase the robber. There is more comedy with two goofy painters who do a routine on the Russian Bar,  a flat board like a wide tight rope.

A Christmas tree angel comes to life on her hoop trapeze and a group of ballet girls in tutus team up with some punkettes  on a triple trapeze.
Some exceptional skill is demonstrated by a group of young men balancing horizontal on a vertical pole.

Both shows have energetic group choreography.  (Trish Squire) but show number two has a break dance and hip hop finale that had the crowd cheering.

This second show has a more of a teenage edge. It is sexy as well as funny and clever. Five naughty looking gals in purple writhe around each other on the cloud swing. A Sergeant Major hollers  at his dancing squad then, astoundingly, tap dances on his hands.

 Later, Cleopatra slinks up and down on her enormously long orange fabric scarves, attended by two doting male slaves. A group of sensuous Marilyn Monroe look alikes perform a teasing routine with innumerable Hula Hoops.  The boys follow with their sensational Chinese Hoop diving.

What makes these shows is the charm, energy and commitment of the group of performers and their palpable joy at doing what they love. Running away to the circus.

By Kate Herbert

Friday 5 December 2003

Done Deal by Michele Davis, Red Stitch, Dec 4, 2003

Done Deal  by Michele Davis  
Red Stitch Actors Theatreuntil December 21, 2003
Reviewer: Kate Herbert

Red Stitch Actors theatre is now producing Australian plays and Michele Davis' Done Deal is a strong start.

It has a contemporary story, interesting plot convolutions, detailed characters and fraught relationships.

Holt (Brett Cousins OK) answers the door to Carla (Olivia Connolly OK) who is euphemistically asking for a cocaine deal left for her by Holt's brother, Davey. (Daniel Frederiksen OK)

Holt, named after Harold Holt  by his delusional mother, makes a huge mistake with Carla that night. It involves sex and drugs and it happens on the evening before his fiancee, Laney,  (Kat Stewart OK) is to arrive.

What transpires is a funny but dramatic web of lies, deception and revelations between the characters.

Davis' writing is well observed and naturalistic.  Her characters are real and recognisable in the 20-something  corner of our urban society.

She ridicules gently the youthful obsessions with third world, drugs, paranoia about terrorism and making one's mark in the world.

The dialogue is believable and swift moving. Arguments between brothers, Holt and Davey are very real with their twisted sense of superiority over each other and their inability to relent or accept advice.

The short scenes cover only two days and action is concise and credible. The plot surprises us often and there is never a dull moment in this rapid play.

Director, Catherine Hill,  keeps the pace and the rhythm tight.

Cousins gives a delightful performance as Holt. He finds a wonderful balance of charm and deception.

As his brother, Frederiksen plays a complex palette of emotions. Davey is successful but a drug dealer, balanced but paying off a huge debt, concerned about his brother's pending marriage but in love with his brother's fiancee. It is a fine characterisation.

Stewart plays the only person not involved with drugs. She has just enough suspicion not to make Laney seem stupid and to maintain her dignity and the truth of her love for her sweetheart of nine years, Holt.

As Carla, Connolly is able to make real the desperate dope head who is also a successful real estate agent. She gives Carla a vulnerability that can easily turn to revenge.

Done Deal is an entertaining little play with commendable acting.

By Kate Herbert

Thursday 4 December 2003

The Man Who Lost His Head, La Mama, Dec 4, 2003

The Man Who Lost His Head
by James Clayden  
La Mama,  December 4 to 14, 2003
Reviewer: Kate Herbert

The Man Who Lost His Head is a short piece, well under half an hour. Writer- director, James Clayden, combines video with tow live actors, himself and Helen Hopkins.

 It is about two films Clayden never made for various reasons but both of which are still rattling around in his head. The show is closer to a performance art piece than theatre.

Clayden begins the piece by playing a snippet of a film with a disjointed voice over. It makes no sense to us until Clayden announces in his low-key, very unactorly voice, that it is a trailer for a film he never finished.

The film was to be called The Man Who Lost His Head. The images from the trailer make more sense when Hopkins appears in a long silky gown and describes the man in the movie.

He is obsessed with photographic images and lives and stares at them long and hard until he falls asleep and his head falls off - perhaps in his dream?.

Once again Clayden's laconic commentary intervenes and he tells us the idea transformed into another film called Unidentified Woman  about, he says, the birth of cinema.

It seems to be set in Prague in snow filled streets. Hopkins is seen as the pregnant woman on screen and then on stage speaking poetic text explaining the concept of this film.

What we see live on stage is a series of vignettes in which the man crawls under the woman's long skirts, reappears. He attempts to kill her. She attempts to control him by slamming his head down on the table. He pours a cup of water, spilling it, she grabs it and tips it out.

It is a gladiatorial representation of the birth and death of cinema. The metaphor is stretched perhaps too far and becomes so obscure it is difficult to hold the focus. Hopkins performance is intense and lyrical. Clayden works in a completely different style - anti-actor.

The blended film and theatre world is not concerned with narrative but with psychological impressions and metaphor.

The piece lacks a spine. Perhaps the commentary could have continued throughout as a convention instead of just at the beginning to give it some context. This is an unpredictable but interesting piece.

By Kate Herbert

Monday 1 December 2003

2003 Reviews - Kate Herbert

2003 Reviews Kate Herbert
The following are all reviews published in Herald Sun during 2003. They are still available through

They will all be uploaded in full soon.  KH

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So-called art a waste of money ONE can only wonder about the mental state of those willing to pay to see the shocking and tasteless display of pictures at Federation Square depicting the abuse, murder and decaying body of a girl. A work of art, I thi...

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WRITING a play is an evolving process, Melbourne writer Kate Herbert says. She laughs. The notion that the stage's most celebrated plays owe their existence to a spontaneous stream of consciousness, captured in perfect dialogue in one easy draft, amu...

   Murky politics of Myth a hit   Herald Sun, 16-06-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 099, 209 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America Where and When: Merlyn Theatre, until June 21 IN THIS new Stephen Sewell play, the protagonist, Talbot (Nicholas Eadie), may draw a long bow with his comparison of the current US ...  

 Tree falls in just the right spot   Herald Sun, 03-06-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 042, 180 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
A Tree, Falling Where and when: Chapel off Chapel, until Saturday Reviewer: Kate Herbert JONATHAN Hardy is exceptional in Ron Elisha's witty, moving and beautifully observed new play, A Tree, Falling. He portrays Lenny Riefenstahl, a confused old man...

    Monologues could say much more   Herald Sun, 28-05-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 053, 291 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Waiting Where and when: fortyfivedownstairs, Tues-Sat 8pm, Sun 6pm; until Sunday WRITTEN by Dina Ross and directed by Greg Carroll, Waiting comprises three short monologues about three women in Melbourne. Petra Schulenberg plays all three characters....

   Hair not so unruly now   Herald Sun, 23-05-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 092, 372 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Hair Where and when: Her Majesty's, Tues-Sat 8pm, with matinees Wed & Sat 2pm, Sun 3pm DAVID Atkins' production of Hair, the '60s musical, is peppy and jam-packed with effervescent youthfulness. But it's a very squeaky-clean version of hippie lifesty...

   Comic-lit night   Herald Sun, 19-05-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 099, 273 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Twelfth Night Where and when: Theatreworks, Tues 7pm, Wed-Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm, until June 1 Reviewer: Kate Herbert TWELFTH Night is a comedy with a dark edge. It incorporates all the tasty elements of Shakespearean comedy: confused identity, pretty twin...

    Jesus and a killer   Herald Sun, 16-05-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 086, 157 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Jesus Hopped the A Train Where and when: Red Stitch Actors' Theatre, Prahran, Wed-Sat 8pm until June 1 Reviewer: Kate Herbert THERE are three exceptional elements in Jesus Hopped the A Train : Kenneth Ransom's acting, Peter Evans's direction and Step...

    Brief to jolt is sidetracked   Herald Sun, 12-05-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 091, 275 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
The Paragon, by Adam Hatzimanolis Sidetrack Performing Group for Theatre in the Box Where and When: Black Box, Victorian Arts Centre, until May 18 THEATRE in the Box is an initiative of the Victorian Arts Centre designed to present culturally diverse...

   Expect the unexpected   Herald Sun, 09-05-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 094, 240 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Claustrophobia Where and When: La Mama, Wed to Sat 8pm, Sun 6pm, until May 25 Reviewer: Kate Herbert WITH Claustrophobia, Barry Dickens takes a backhanded look at deaths in custody. It is not what we expect. John White (John Francis Howard) is a coun...

    A horrible drama that fascinates   Herald Sun, 05-05-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 089, 339 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Frozen Melbourne Theatre Company Where and when: Fairfax Studio, Mon, Tues 6.30pm; Wed to Fri, 8pm, Sat 8.30pm, until June 7 JULIAN Meyrick's production of Frozen is compelling for many reasons. It features three of our best actors: Helen Morse, Fran...

   Left breathless by Chekhov take on ethnic cleansing   Herald Sun, 29-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 037, 332 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Breath by Breath Where and When: La Mama at the Courthouse, until May 10 THERE is something haunting about Breath by Breath, written by Peta Tait and Matra Robinson. The play fabricates a collision of two periods of time and two events during the lat...

    Long, slow slide into darkness   Herald Sun, 22-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 045, 316 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Slide Night Where and when: La Mama, Carlton, until May 4 THIS is only Simon Hughes' second play, but it is written with intelligence, wit and sympathy. Since writing his first play 19 years ago, Hughes has had an eclectic life as a Shakespearean act...

    Caveman punts and collects   Herald Sun, 21-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 087, 361 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Defending the Caveman Where and when: Forum Theatre, until Sunday (extension possible) RUSSELL Gilbert has leapt from his role as a stand-up comic to a more theatrical form of comedy. It is a courageous move as the show calls for significant acting s...

    Too many rights   Herald Sun, 18-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 068, 424 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Birthrights Melbourne Theatre Company Where and when: Playhouse, until May 17 Reviewer: Kate Herbert DAVID Williamson's new play is pregnant with issues of contemporary life. It is stuffed so full of issues that characters become mouthpieces rather t...

    Fat boy served a mixed grill   Herald Sun, 18-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 070, 330 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
The Fat Boy Where and when: Playbox at the Malthouse, until April 26 Reviewer: Kate Herbert A PRECARIOUS balancing act is going on in Tony Ayres' new play, The Fat Boy. The script teeters awkwardly between moments of tragedy and high-camp comedy. The...

   Let the truth arrest you   Herald Sun, 16-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 055, 273 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
This is a True Story Where and when: Courthouse Theatre, Carlton, until Saturday IT IS a very peculiar feeling to be drawn inside the heart and mind of a man whose understanding of himself and the world is dim and confused. This is a true story, as t...

    Not very sexy but very funny   Herald Sun, 14-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 089, 383 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Comedy Is Still Not Pretty Where and when: Lower Melbourne Town Hall until April 20. Reviewer: Kate Herbert HOW is it possible to get laughs out of the death, cancer and menopause? This trio manages to make us belly-laugh at all three. All these wome...

   A one-man Goon Show   Herald Sun, 11-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 095, 311 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Boothby Graffoe Where and when: Melbourne Town Hall, until April 20 BOOTHBY Graffoe is funny in a way unlike other comics in the Comedy Festival. This makes him a refreshing change from regular stand-ups. He is like a one-man Goon Show. He does reall...

   Desperate to live the DIY dream   Herald Sun, 09-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 051, 346 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Open For Inspection Where and when: La Mama, Carlton until April 13 THIS is a short comedy about two incompetent out-of-work actors (Andrea Tatman and Tom Bradley) who want to be TV show hosts. And not hosts of just any show, they want to host a DIY-...

   Dynamic duo know the meaning of diversity   Herald Sun, 08-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 051, 400 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Tan Jose, by Josephine O'Reilly and Tanya Bulmer Where and when: Melbourne Town Hall, until April 20 A COMBINATION of improvisational comedy and set comic routines, Tan Jose creates risky comedy and makes every performance a different animal. Sydneys...

   Licence to be licentious   Herald Sun, 08-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 052, 305 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Jeff Green Where and when: Melbourne Town Hall, until tomorrow ENGLISH comedian Jeff Green is a very naughty rascal, but the audience gives him heaps of licence. He gets away with plenty of overtly rude material because he is just so damned charming ...

   Belly laughs with an aching heart   Herald Sun, 04-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 093, 370 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Rod Quantock: The Axis of Stupidity Where and when: Victoria Hotel, until April 20. AS FAR as this reviewer is concerned, attendance is compulsory at Rod Quantock shows. Of course, this smacks of conscription, and Quantock is not in favour of conscri...  

 Failure inspires a laugh-a-minute success   Herald Sun, 02-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 047, 346 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Chocolate Monkey Where and when: fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, city, until April 13 JOHN-PAUL Hussey is an Eveready bunny, a human dynamo. From the moment he enters the space, he is on an electric grid. Chocolate Monkey is a self-narrated, c...

    Duo's slapstick madness wears many coats   Herald Sun, 01-04-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 037, 409 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Men in Coats, by Mick Dow and Maddy Sparham Where and when: Capitol Theatre, until April 20 IF YOU prefer a quirky visual gag to a glib line, Men in Coats will be your cup of tea. This UK duo (Mick Dow and Maddy Sparham) is all slapstick and low-budg...  

  Daffy duo's deadly decisions   Herald Sun, 28-03-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 091, 366 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Picking Up Daisies and Plucking Out Pubic Hairs Where and when: La Mama until April 13 Reviewer: Kate Herbert PICKING Up Daisies and Plucking Out Pubic Hairs is a rough, rowdy play about two men and a dead body. Correction -- an apparently dead body....

    Mad journey is a gas, gas, gas   Herald Sun, 26-03-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 049, 331 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
The Gas Connection Where and when: Gasworks Arts Park until April 6; Bendigo Gasworks, April 11-13 Reviewer: Kate Herbert THE Gas Connection is a collage of eccentric characters, imaginative leaps, poetic dialogue and fascinating diatribe. Bizarre co...

   New sky, old fears   Herald Sun, 24-03-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 076, 204 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
A Different Sky Where and when: Chapel off Chapel, Prahran, until March 30 AS WE face insecurity because of war, the issues in A Different Sky become even more relevant. The play is a short, touching, naturalistic piece about a Dutch Jewish family th...

    Unmasking the naughty bits   Herald Sun, 19-03-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 048, 391 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Howard Slowly Does His Man Part, by Howard Stanley Where and when: La Mama, until Sunday HOW do we describe Howard Stanley's alter-ego, Howard Slowly? About 10 years ago, he was known in the comedy clubs as ``the comedian's comedian''. He might be ca..

.    Evoking the ghosts of passengers past   Herald Sun, 18-03-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 045, 283 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Ghosts, Women's Circus Where and when: Shed 14, Victoria Dock, 8.30pm Wed to Sat, until April 5 THIS show is to some extent a departure in style for the Women's Circus. With new director Andrea Lemon at the helm, Ghosts has fewer circus stunts and mo...

    Murder most foul, done with gusto   Herald Sun, 14-03-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 089, 307 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Macbeth Company X Where and when: Athenaeum II, until March 23 THE Scottish Play is not an easy one to stage. There are battle scenes, murders by the cartload and a forest that walks. Company X, under the direction of Simon Piening, takes on the play...

    Three enterprise   Herald Sun, 11-03-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 048, 287 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Svila, Mr Phase and Bumping Heads Where and when: North Melbourne Town Hall, until Saturday SVILA, Mr Phase and Bumping Heads comprises three short pieces that had success during the 2002 Next Wave Festival. The evening is eclectic because each emplo...

    Livin', fightin' on the land   Herald Sun, 07-03-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 097, 442 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Inheritance, Melbourne Theatre Company Where and when: Playhouse until April 5 Reviewer: Kate Herbert LIFE on the land is difficult enough without hostility within a farming family. Hannie Rayson's play, Inheritance, depicts two families warring over...

    Gambling with a girlfriend   Herald Sun, 05-03-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 052, 283 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
The Thinning Complex Where and When: The Storeroom, North Fitzroy, until March 15. Reviewer: Kate Herbert. THERE is nothing cheerful about The Thinning Complex. It is a relentlessly dark and angry piece about a man with a gambling problem and the wom...

    Falling through the past   Herald Sun, 26-02-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 053, 239 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Somewhere Along the Way Where and when: La Mama, Carlton, until Sunday RECOLLECTIONS of a past relationship are the basis of this short play, written and directed by Telia Nevile. The performance has no linear narrative. It is a series of snapshots o...

    Lost in space   Herald Sun, 25-02-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 046, 315 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Snapshots Where and when: Gasworks Theatre, Albert Park, until March 2 THE cavernous Gasworks Theatre needs to be filled. Snapshots, written by Peter Hardman and directed by Susan Pilbeam, makes a valiant attempt, but the space still remains huge and...

    Rooms open up inner life   Herald Sun, 21-02-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 099, 449 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
The Three Interiors of Lola Strong Where and when: fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, city, until March 2 Reviewer: Kate Herbert THERE is a quiet intensity in The Three Interiors of Lola Strong. It is a quality that emanates from actor-writer Car...

   Behind closed doors the night Nixon cried   Herald Sun, 14-02-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 094, 376 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Nixon's Nixon Where and when: Athenaeum Theatre, until tomorrow Reviewer: Kate Herbert PERHAPS we can identify with the political corruption in Nixon's Nixon because we are, at present, bedevilled by our own secretive leaders. American playwright Rus...

    Telling truths   Herald Sun, 12-02-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 049, 425 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Mavis Goes to Timor MAVIS Goes to Timor feels more like a good long chat with a few women than a play. There are various reasons for this. The story is based on the experiences of a mother and daughter, Mavis and Elwyn Taylor, from Yarrawonga. In the...

   Think of an enigma and double it   Herald Sun, 07-02-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 099, 289 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
MIND READER Marc Salem's Mind Games Where and when: Malthouse, until February 23 MARC Salem in Mind Games is audacious, confronting, charming -- and wildly entertaining. He reads minds, yet insists he does no such thing. The beauty is that Salem expl..

.    A night to forget in the Well   Herald Sun, 03-02-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 068, 401 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
One Night in the Well Where and when: La Mama at The Courthouse; until Friday Bookings: 9347 6142 Reviewer: Kate Herbert THERE is one strength in the trio of plays called One Night in the Well: the live quintet in the first play, Stitch. The tangos o...

    Intimate fun in the Big Apple   Herald Sun, 03-02-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 072, 358 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
What is it Zach? and Daddy Wolf Where and when: Chapel off Chapel, until next Saturday Reviewer: Kate Herbert FROM the 1980s, Lindzee Smith lived in New York and staged short plays by James Purdy. The show called What is it Zach? and Daddy Wolf is a ...

    Magnificent seven   Herald Sun, 27-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 088, 206 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Love! Valour! Compassion! by Terrence McNally Where: Gasworks When: Tuesday to Sat 8pm, Saturday 2pm, Sunday 6pm TERRENCE McNally is a supremely funny and intelligent playwright....

 Ben(t) needs some straight talk   Herald Sun, 27-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 090, 411 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
What: Ben(t) by Ben Grant Where and when: La Mama, Wednesday to Sunday until February 9. BEN Grant takes one afternoon of his life and makes an unassuming narrated musical show of it with director Louis Dingemans. The particular afternoon may not hav...

    Midsumma sizzles and fizzles   Herald Sun, 24-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 097, 370 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Open for Inspection; My Life as a Dyke Too: The Shequel Where and when: La Mama, Wednesday to Sunday THE Midsumma Gay and Lesbian Festival tosses our way all levels of performance. These two shows are examples of the good and the unsuccessful. Open f...

   Fiasco turn up Midsumma heat   Herald Sun, 21-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 048, 342 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Combo Fiasco in Illegal Harmonies Where and when: Chapel off Chapel, Saturday COMBO Fiasco is always a treat to hear. This trio of musical theatre artists met on a production of The Secret Garden. Now they sing show tunes together and quip their way ...

    Blue chameleons   Herald Sun, 17-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 086, 484 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
The Blue Room Melbourne Theatre Company Where and when: Playhouse until February 22 THE Blue Room, the much-publicised play by David Hare, has weathered the hype surrounding its arrival. Simon Phillips's slick and funny production is a crowd-pleaser....  

  Comedy dominates in this dream   Herald Sun, 13-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 076, 332 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare IT IS that time again. After dark, Melburnians flock to the Royal Botanic Gardens to sit on plaid picnic blankets snacking from wicker hampers. Yes, it's time for another ebullient production by Glenn ...  

  Pirates deliver ship-shape performance   Herald Sun, 13-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 080, 455 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
The Pirates of Penzance Where and when: Melbourne Concert Hall, until January 21 SIMON Gallaher's company, EssGee Entertainment, has a huge hit on its hands with this production of The Pirates of Penzance. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the ...

   From floating on air to falling with a thud   Herald Sun, 10-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 081, 408 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
Cloud Nine Melbourne Theatre Company Where and when: Fairfax, Victorian Arts Centre, until February 8 THOUGH it was developed and written in 1978, Caryl Churchill's play Cloud Nine seems a product of the '60s. Churchill is less concerned with narrati...

    Three decades old and still standing tall   Herald Sun, 08-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 041, 388 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
What: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Dance Encore Productions Where and when: Comedy Theatre, until January 19 IT'S impossible to judge this production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as one would other shows. It is a success because the kids ..

.    End of their rapier wits   Herald Sun, 08-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 043, 364 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
The Three Musketeers ALL for one and one for all! The Three Musketeers are sword-fighting around Albert Park Lake for King and country. This adaptation by Touche Productions has its tongue firmly in its cheek most of the time. It is very funny with p...

    Winner in the willows   Herald Sun, 07-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 049, 392 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
The Wind in the Willows Where and when: Botanic Gardens. Enter Gate F, 10am and 6pm, Tue-Sat until Jan. 25 Reviewer: Kate Herbert EACH new cast of Glenn Elston's production of The Wind in the Willows brings a different edge to this charming outdoor c...

    Queen-size fun   Herald Sun, 03-01-2003, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 072, 529 words , ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe TIS the season for family entertainment and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is perfect family fare. This enormous visual theatre show is from the company that produced the successful version of The Hobbit. Th...