Sunday 3 October 2021

JSMR by Jessica Stanley 30 Sept 2021 ***


JSMR: an ASMR storytelling experience, by Jessica Stanley

By Spinning Plates during Melbourne Fringe Online

Online on Demand, Fringe:


Reviewer: Kate Herbert

Stars: ***


Jessica Stanley in JSMR


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Reponse, or ASMR, is a peculiar sensory response that can be a “pleasant tingle you get when you listen to gentle whispering”. It can be employed as therapy for anxiety but it is also known to be a weird fetish that involves sexual arousal when a woman whispers close to a microphone.


Jessica Stanley explores ASMR from her own perspective as a person experiencing ASMR and its soothing effects. JSMR must be viewed/heard through headphones to achieve the full impact of the whispering, clicking, crackling, brushing sounds that feel so close to one’s ears.


In a series of quirky vignettes, characters and personal anecdotes, Stanley reveals the myriad views and uses of ASMR while tickling our sensitive nerve endings.


JSMR is intermittently compelling, sometimes slow-moving and more interesting for those who experience that tingling sensation on hearing whispering or almost inaudible sounds. At one hour, it feels a little too long, but it is strangely interesting.


By Kate Herbert