Monday 30 May 2022

Point8Six, by Tim Wotherpoon, REVIEW, 27 May 2022 (Live stream)


At La Mama Theatre, live streamed on Fri 27 May 2022

Reviewer: Kate Herbert

I reviewed this as a live stream on Fri 27 May 2022. This may explain some of my confusion about the content of the production. KH

Annabel Marshall-Roth & Lliam Amor, Point8Six image by Darren Gill

To describe Point8Six as a non-linear performance is a huge understatement!


It is a fragmented, absurd, non-narrative collision of ideas and styles, snatches of history, computer-speak, imagery, sound effects and quirky mutating characters.


The problem is that all of its elements lack any sort of linking membrane, so the piece is almost impenetrable. As one character says, I admit I didn’t follow all of that’, – and nor did I! Perhaps I missed some crucial dialogue because I was watching a live stream of the show.

Thursday 12 May 2022

Girl from the North Country, INFO, Melbourne from 12 May 2022


Written & directed by Conor McPherson

Music & Lyrics by Bob Dylan

At Comedy Theatre, Melbourne from 12 May to 11 June 2022

Then Canberra in August & Brisbane in September 2022

See website: Girl from the North Country-Melbourne

I'm waiting to find out if I can review a recorded version of the production. Fingers crossed people. KH

Girl From The North Country_Theatre Royal, Sydney_credit-Daniel Boud


Wednesday 11 May 2022

Subhumans, La Mama Digital, REVIEW, 10 May 2022 ***


Written by James Hazelden and Nicholas Rasche

Produced by La Mama Theatre & Mystery Radio Theatre

Digital season 4-18 May 2022

Reviewer: Kate Herbert  This review of digital recorded performance


This review published only on this blog. KH

Subhumans - pic from video

Subhumans is a goofy, pseudo-radio play written by James Hazelden and Nicholas Rasche. It begins with a female, naval Lieutenant who is floating at sea after she escapes from her British submarine during World War II. She makes radio contact with a voice that demands she tell the entire story, doing all the characters voices and sound effects. 

Monday 9 May 2022

#No Exemptions, by Angela Buckingham, REVIEW, 6 May 2022 ****


Produced by The Shift Theatre and La Mama Theatre

At La Mama Courthouse, 27 April to 8 May 2022

This review of live stream on 6 May 2022. Digital season to follow.

Reviewer: Kate Herbert

Stars: ****

 This review published only on this blog. KH

L-R: Endrico Botha, Carolyn Bock, Helen Hopkins, Eva Seymour

#No Exemptions written by Angela Buckingham, represents a dystopian world in which all older people – above what age, we do not know – are being rounded up and transported to their death. Scary concept for anyone over, let’s say, 50?

The purge is being imposed in order to conserve water and food and other resources in a world decimated by man-made disasters such as climate change. The invisible architects of this plan have sent young people to do their dirty work. Their reward is rations of food and water and their continuing survival.

Wednesday 4 May 2022

Trash with a Porpoise, REVIEW, Digital season, 4 May 2022 ***1/2


Produced by Jen Gay & Packed House Productions

La Mama on Screen 4 -18 May, 2022: La Mama on Screen

Reviewer: Kate Herbert

Stars: ***1/2

This review published only on this blog. KH

Julia Landberg, Joseph Lai in Trash with a  Porpoise- pic from video


Trash with a Porpoise is a children’s comedy puppetry show and the attentive kids are and entertained by the two charming, onstage puppeteers (Joseph Lai and Julia Landberg) and their cheerfully chatty creations constructed from trash.


This 50-minute show, directed with humour by Jhess Knight, has a message about saving our sea life from the massive build-up of non-biodegradable rubbish that our communities dump in the ocean.


The use of recycled trash to create creatures is really clever and the kids respond to the cheery performance style and goofy jokes.

Tuesday 3 May 2022

#No Exemptions, PREVIEW, 3 May 2022 (REVIEW COMING after 6 May)

I will review the live streamed performance on or after 6 May.

 Written by Angela Buckingham

At La Mama Courthouse 

27 April to May 2022

Live stream Friday 6 May at 7.30pm


Hugh Sexton, Helen Hopkins

Produced by The Shift Theatre 
Written by Angela Buckingham
Conceived with the assistance of Michaela Maxi Schulz
Directed by Susie Dee
Set and Costume Design by Sophie Woodward
Sound Design by Ian Moorhead
Lighting Design by Gina Gascoigne
Stage Management by Claire Shepherd
Performed by Carolyn Bock, Endrico Botha, Helen Hopkins, Hugh Sexton, Eva Seymour

Helen Hopkins, Eva Seymor, Carolyn Bock, Endrico Botha

Monday 2 May 2022

The Right Words on the Day, Kevin Summers, DIGITAL, 29 May 2022 ***


Written by Kevin Summers

At La Mama Theatre 27 April to 8 May 2022

Live streamed on Fri 29 April 2022

Book here:

Reviewer: Kate Herbert

Stars: ***

This review is published only on this blog. KH

 Kirsty Snowden, Kirsty Child, pic from live stream
The Right Words on the Day, by Kevin Summers, explores the fraught experience of an adult daughter preparing her eulogy for her mother’s funeral.


As Judy (Kirsty Snowden) stands at a very formal lectern rehearsing and tinkering with the content of her eulogy, her mother, Kitty Ryan (Kirsty Child), persistently interrupts, correcting Judy’s cheerful and positive recollections of her mother’s past and objecting to any inaccuracies.