Friday, 23 September 2011

Butterfly @ Trades, Sep 23, 2011

Butterfly @ Trades, Opening Gala ****

RENOWNED for eclectic cabaret acts at its tiny venue, the Butterfly Club has expanded to Trades Hall for the Fringe Festival.

HOORAH! The Butterfly Club, renowned for eclectic cabaret acts at its tiny venue, has put together a program of shows in larger venues at Trades Hall.

The Opening Night Gala provided a taster of the smorgasbord of comic and musical cabaret featured in Butterfly at Trades. Most have very short season so get out there now.

UK comedy-cabaret drag diva, Dolly Diamond (More Than a Woman, October 7-8 ) - wearing a 1950s floral frock, wig and Princess Margarets pearls - hosted the second half with a relaxed sneer, wicked humour and twisted song lyrics.

Em Rusciano (The Saintly Bitch Sings, September 24), who sung a Nickleback song with her powerful, husky voice, got comic mileage out of her stints on Australian Idol and commercial radio and used a burlesque fan with aplomb.

Jade Leonard (Cafe Brazil, October 6), provided a taste of her sassy, Bossa Nova repertoire, smoky, subtle voice and virtuoso piano playing, while her rendition of Ruby Tuesday was delicious.

An early favourite of mine, Tim Ferguson (Carry A Big Stick, September 23 and 30) jolted us into comedy-tragedy territory with comedy industry war-stories and barbed, no-holds-barred tales about his own experience Multiple Sclerosis.

Another hot ticket is the five-part male, a cappella vocal group, Suade (Vocal Shenanigans, September 22-25), with their tight harmonies, witty medley of Australian tunes and Korean girl-band numbers.

Butterfly at Trades boasts 45 shows including classy singers, skilled musicians, stand-ups, drag acts, burlesque dancers and others surprises. It runs until October 8. Just pick one.

Star rating: ****

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