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My Romantic History, Red Stitch , July 20, 2011

 My Romantic History, Red Stitch Actors Theatre ***
  • Kate Herbert
  • From: Herald Sun
  • July 20, 2011 12:00AM

MY ROMANTIC HISTORY, Red Stitch Actors Theatre, until August 13, 2011

THERE are plenty of books about the innumerable ways that men and women miscommunicate, but all you need do is eavesdrop on an argument in a cafe and you'll get the picture.

My Romantic History, by D. C. Jackson, is a no-holds-barred look at an affair between two co-workers that makes good comedy out of miscommunications, misunderstood intentions, mixed messages and secret agendas.

Tim Potter is quirky, arrogant and daggy as Tom, the new office worker, who has a drunken, one-night stand with Amy, his co-worker (Zoe Boesen). Amy stumbles into the liaison because she is desperate to prove to confident, hippie co-worker Sasha (Ngaire Dawn Fair) that she is not single, undesirable or too old.

Tom and Amy's affair is more a collision than a relationship. Their communication comprises rambling like idiots, then revealing their inner thoughts in asides or comical monologues addressed to the audience. The first half is from Tom's perspective and the second from Amy's. We discover that the two viewpoints are vastly different.

The play is cheeky and funny with absurdly clumsy sexual antics, explicit language and laughable situations that people will recognise from former, failed relationships.

David Whiteley's direction is deft and the performances are playful and entertaining.

The script needs editing but it is an engaging show that will make you cringe at your youthful relationship memories.

Star rating: * * *

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