Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sarah D: I Can Drink Puddles, March 31, 2012 *1/2

Sarah D: I Can Drink Puddles
Lunch Room, Melbourne Town Hall to April 21, 2012
Reviewer: Kate Herbert
Stars: *1/2

Shambolic collection of rap songs, stories, characters and interminable dance interludes.

Sarah D

When your biggest laughs are from a marshmallow food fight between audience and performer, you know there is something amiss with the show.

Sarah D’s I Can Drink Puddles is a shambolic collection of rap songs, stories, characters, TV game shows and interminable dance interludes strung together like a washing line to explore her 20 catastrophic years of over-indulgence in alcohol.

Dressed in an intentionally shabby Wonder Woman outfit, D. opens with a very long rap song about boozing, most of the lyrics of which are unintelligible or difficult to follow.

The show is disjointed with clumsy segues and scene changes and wordy storytelling, although a couple of D’s characters get some laughs, especially the tough-nut, Alcoholics Anonymous group leader.

D’s comic delivery and timing need work and the balance between comedy, tragedy, theatricality and therapy needs sorting.

There is a desperate need for a writer and a director to shape this flabby production into a coherent narrative with a cohesive structure to effectively tell Sarah D’s story and use her obvious physical and characterisation abilities to greater advantage.

Remember to duck when the marshmallows come out!
By Kate Herbert

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