Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Good Girl, Sept 20, 2013 ***

Written by Emilie Collyer 
By Pony.Child, Melbourne Fringe Festival
Upstairs at Errol’s, Fringe Hub, Errol St North Melbourne, Sept 20 to 27, 2013
Reviewer: Kate Herbert
Full review published  in Herald Sun online Sept 23, 2013. KH
Olivia Monticciolo, James O'Connell. pic.Lachlan Woods

By the year 2050, most of the sex workers in major cities will be robots.

This not-so-bizarre prediction by two New Zealand researchers is the premise of Emilie Collyer’s cute and quirky, sci-fi, black comedy, The Good Girl.

A young woman (Olivia Monticciolo) lives an isolated life working as the manager-madam for a female sex-bot that serves the male population of this futuristic, urban world.

Sex in this unpleasant world is clinical, removed from relationships, manufactured through software programs, and isolated in robot brothels to avoid any spread of disease.

When the designated technician (James O'Connell) services the off-stage sexbot, he and the madam discover that she/it is developing emotions – she cries and pleads with men not to leave her – and that clients will pay big bucks for her ‘humanity’.

They expand her emotional range to jealousy, anger, nagging, and finally fear, the last of which causes an unexpected and violent outcome.

Collyer’s witty two-hander merges black comedy with the absurd and the political, using sharp, well observed and funny dialogue.

Her script challenges the commodification of sex, the dysfunctionality that occurs when it is isolated from human emotion, and the ugly relationship that can arise between violence and sex.

Full review will be published here soon. KH 

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