Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My Melbourne Festival shows 2015

Hi all,

Here's what I plan to see in the Melbourne Festival starting this Thursday, 8 October 2015.

Those I will review for the H-Sun are Bronx Gothic, The Bacchae, 1984 & Masquerade.

Thurs 8 Oct: Bronx Gothic, Arts House
Fri 9 Oct:   32 Rue Vandenbranden, Sumner (I can't get a ticket to this! Damn!)
Sat 10 Oct: The Rabbits, Playhouse

Wed 14 Oct: The Bacchae, TheatreWorks 
Thurs 15 Oct: You Are Nowhere, Arts House,
Fri 16 Oct; 1984,  Playhouse
Sat 17: Desdemona, Sumner 
Wed 21 Oct: The Experiment, Malthouse
Thurs 22 Oct: Masquerade, Sumner
 Fri 23 Oct: Monkey, Geelong (MAYBE) 

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