Friday, 25 March 2016

Comedy Festival reviews upcoming

Here are the shows I am currently booked to review in Comedy Festival:

Velvet, Cabaret/Circus featuring Marcia Hines, March 24. (Review to hit blog and H-Sun Comedy Fest review site today.)
Wil Anderson, Thurs March 25 (Review running March 26)
Justin Hamilton Hoot, Sat March 26 (Review running March 27)
Umbilical Brothers, Sat March 26 (Review running March 27)
Tripod 101 Hits, Sun March 27 (Review running April 1)
Ongals, Wed April 6 (Review running April 7.)  
Twins - Rhonda Burchmore & Trevor Ashley, Fri April 8 (Review running April 1) 

I may also do:
Putnam County Spelling Bee, Thurs March 31. 

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