Monday, 1 April 2013

Geraldine Hickey, March 30, 2013 **

Love or a Slab of Fudge

Forum Hotel, Ladies’ Lounge, until April 21, 2013
Melbourne Comedy Festival 2013

Star rating:**

Reviewer: Kate Herbert

“Warm, personal storytelling with potential”

Geraldine Hickey has a warm, friendly presence and some raw, comic energy, but there is more comic potential in her material, despite the show having a few good laughs about love.

In the tiny, cell-like venue of the Ladies’ Lounge, she chats amiably and intimately with her audience as if we were friends sitting over a beer in her lounge room as she spins a yarn.

Before she gets to her love story, she starts with favourite animals (hers is a crocodile – that’s really living on the edge), overeating, getting fit and generally getting her life together and behaving like an adult.

Storytelling can be a great vehicle for comedy but, to work as stand-up, it needs careful structuring with gags and tags peppering the narrative.

Hickey could mine the comic possibilities of relationships, broken hearts, meeting new lovers, realizing she was a lesbian two years ago, and her struggle with food and fitness.

She strolls affably through her story about her six-week fling, how she and her lover agreed on a mutually acceptable end date for the relationship, and how much she learned about love.

However, there is too much rambling, conversational, often repetitive or unprepared chat as we wait for the story to evolve and gags to erupt.

It’s great that Hickey is not doing standard stand-up but, if she figures out what is funny, edits the meandering, repetition and unnecessary fillers and hits the jokes more frequently, she could have a more successful show.

By Kate Herbert

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