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Sophie Miller, April 4, 2013 ***

Sophie Miller in Do Better
Cohen’s Cellar Bar, Victoria St., on April 6, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 
Star rating:  ***
Reviewer: Kate Herbert on April 4 
Review also published online in Herald Sun on April 5. KH 

Amusing, original ditties about "doing better".
Sophie Miller in Do Better
Pert and impish Sophie Miller’s solo show, Do Better, is 40 minutes of amusing ditties about her fictional, self-help book that reads like a report card: Sophie – and everyone else – could ‘do better’ at, well, everything.

The book’s Contents page is an endless list of items that could do better: Fifty Shades Of Grey could do better, as could little dogs, teenage boys, email signatures – and the list goes on.

Miller sings her original songs while plays a Roland piano, tucked into a corner in a cosy wine bar with couches, tables and a good wine list.

The songs and Miller’s performance really take off with her clever, funny song about her online relationship with a Korean boy called Kim Jong Un, and how Google Translator hilariously warps her love missives to him. Don’t try this at home!

She sings about Siri, the woman who tries to poach her boyfriend, follows him everywhere, knows everything and meets his every need – and this smug rival is the voice-activated, personal assistant on his IPhone.

Miller reveals how she learned from Mickey Mouse, on a visit to Disneyland, that honesty doesn’t pay and then sings a smart, rapid, patter song explaining how double negatives help her cope with dishonesty.

She takes us through a beachside, guided meditation that turns horribly wrong, and sings a witty song about the unnecessary middle names of famous people – You’ll never guess what the T in Richard T. Gere stands for.

The songs are witty and Miller’s piano playing is competent, with a good blend of jazz and ballads.

To make the most of the witty observations in her songs and patter, the performance just needs some tweaking and perhaps a director to shape the show and Miller’s delivery.

By Kate Herbert

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